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World’s largest, most sophisticated diamond sorting facility begins operations in Botswana Posted on April 4th, 2008 Already the world’s largest producer of diamonds by value, the opening of this new technology driven sorting facility establishes Botswana as the world leader in the sorting and valuation of rough diamonds.
The development and construction of the building was funded by De Beers, and will serve as the home of the Diamond Trading Co Botswana (DTC Botswana), a unique 50:50 joint venture between the Government of Botswana and De Beers. Beneficiation, a strategy shared by the Government De Beers, ensures that a portion of Botswana’s most important natural resource stays in the country longer, so that value can be added through local companies and local expertise. This strategy of turning natural resources into shared national wealth is anticipated to stimulate the development of a new industry in Botswana and create approximately 3,000 new jobs in the country. The jobs, primarily in diamond cutting, polishing, sales and marketing, will account for [continue reading]

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MDC – 19

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03 April, 2008

SEROWE – The Serowe Recreational Park that has been delayed for two years is still in the pipeline. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in the Ministry of Local Government will determine the estimated cost of the undertakings consultancy.

According to the Central District Principal Architect, Mr Samson Borura progress on the project stalled twice at the tender award stage for the consultancy in April and December 2006 due to financial under estimation. He said in an interview that initially the consultancy was allocated P100 000.

The Central District Council then requested the ministry to increase the amount to P500 000. However, he said the validity period for the award of the tender had elapsed by the time the funds were approved.

Mr Borura explained that currently the budget for the project stands at P500 000 and PIU is expected to request up to P800 000 from the ministry to [continue reading]

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Fri, 04 Apr 2008 12:37:00 +0000

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) today introduced a new Z$50 million note to deal with rampant shortages of cash in an economy that is also grappling with the world’s highest inflation rate now standing at 165 000 percent.

The new note is part of bearer cheques that were first introduced by the central bank at the height of cash shortages about four years ago.

The Z$50 million note has started circulating after the RBZ also increased the maximum withdrawal limit for individuals to $5 billion a day. Along with the $50 million note, RBZ also injected a $25 million bill.

Between December last year and now, Zimbabwe’s reserve bank has unveiled six new bills in [continue reading]

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03 April, 2008

GHANZI – In-school youth have been advised to concentrate on education because it is the only tool that can lead them to a brighter future.

Officially closing Ghanzi Districts Month of Youth Against AIDS activities, Ghanzi District Commissioner Mr Jefferson Siamisang said education was an important tool that one could not do without.

Contrary to the views of some people who associate the youth with controversy and disruptive behaviour, he said I see young people as an important resource which needs to be nurtured for development of Botswana.

Mr Siamisang said he holds the view because the youth were the ones who were actually taking over the reigns of power .

He however encouraged the youth to choose abstinence saying by so doing, one would not go wrong in life. Of course there would be pressure from boys and girls, but if you have the intention and tenacity to commit to zero transmission lifestyles, you would not allow yourself to succumb to such pressures, he said.

The theme for the event was: Commit to zero transmission lifestyles: Youth leading by keeping the promise to stop AIDS.

Mr Siamisang urged the youth to get involved in [contine reading]

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The Herald (Harare)

5 April 2008
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Michael Padera

ZANU-PF has readied itself for battle in the presidential run-off with the party’s top leadership meeting in Harare yesterday to review the poll results and chart the way forward unanimously endorsing President Mugabe and a second electoral fight.

The massive show of unity and camaraderie in the meeting put paid to claims from certain quarters, particularly the Western media, that Zanu-PF had been thrown into disarray after losing the parliamentary majority to the opposition, and that some top leaders had since developed cold feet over the run-off.

Though the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is still to announce the official result of the presidential contest, Cde Mugabe is expected to battle it out with MDC faction leader Morgan Tsvangirai amid reports that neither candidate attained the absolute majority required under the Electoral Act.

ZEC will soon announce the official result and date for the run-off.

Briefing journalists at the end of the Politburo meeting, Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa said [continue reading]

27 March 2008

Amsterdam-based brewer Heineken has announced that it will build its first local brewery, to the south of Johannesburg, in partnership with spirits company Diageo, mainly to produce and bottle its Heineken and Amstel brands of beer.

The site chosen is in the Sedibeng district of Gauteng province, between the towns of Vereeniging and Alberton.

“The location of the brewery was a difficult decision based on far more than just geology, geography and infrastructure,” Heineken regional president for Africa and Middle East Tom de Man said in a statement this week.

“We are also very aware that southern Johannesburg is an area that will benefit enormously from new commercial investment, which will in turn assist and enable social and economic progress in the whole area.”

The choice in location has also enabled the company to [continue reading]