SA: Electricity theft costs Eskom billions

source: IOL
Staff Reporter
April 03 2008 at 03:36PM

South Africa’s energy crisis is exacerbated by electricity theft, which is also robbing Eskom of revenue.

It was difficult for Eskom to state how much electricity theft was costing it, but non-technical losses – such as billing and metering errors – amounted to R1-billion in the 2006/07 financial year, said Eskom spokesperson Tony Scott on Wednesday.

Of this amount, R16-million was lost through conductor theft – there were 449 known incidents of conductor theft in which 144 kilometres of line was stolen.

“Utilities worldwide are battling with energy losses and Eskom is not immune to that.

‘The problem of electricity theft is big’
“The problem of electricity theft is big, as utilities lose potential revenue and accidents sometimes occur that result in the loss of life,” said Scott.

Electricity theft was under control in some areas, but the problem was escalating in [continue reading]


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