We doff our hats to Mogae

source: Mmegi


History will be made on Monday when President Festus Mogae hands over the reins of power to Lt. General Ian Khama. In a region where incumbent presidents and their cohorts unashamedly manipulate constitutions to extend their term in office, we have reason to be proud as Batswana that such undemocratic tendencies are a heresy we eschew.

For it is ingrained in us as a people that transfer of power ought to be orderly and smooth. This is as much to the credit of President Mogae as it is to the people of Botswana who have internalised democracy to the point where it now seeps through our public actions.While we still have questions about automatic succession, we are not unduly perturbed because by means of another of our traditions – consultation – we will exercise our minds and arrive at a solution without spilling so much as a drop of blood, or even thinking about it. We as a newspaper wish to pay homage to Mogae for having led this nation well over the last 10 years, and for the many preceding years during which he served in various capacities as a [continue reading]

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