Zimbabwe: Election results leaked

source: SW Radio Africa

SWRA has received this information from an unknown source. We await the real results with interest, to see if they match.

Candidate Votes polled
MUGABE: 1,537,253
MAKONI 550,350
TOTAL 2,926,328

MUGABE WINS by 52,5 %

However the parliamentary elections because of limited time to rig: [continue reading]

edit [31.03.2008]
The article was published on Saturday on the SW Radio Africa homepage and I thing that these figures are the results the ZEC wanted to declare as the results of the election. ([ZimDaily]….resolved that declaring Mugabe an outright winner with the earlier planned  52 percent would torch protests, hence the new plan….source)

By now we all know that’s not true……

  1. Theel

    How can the results be out already? Lets be serious. Plus, these results seem far too planned…

  2. fungai

    hey mugabe what is he doing. he is a shit.
    ohh too bad for zimbabwe…..
    he is taking Tsvangirai’s votes to be his.

    mugabe get out from power we are tired of yoi…
    baba mugabe makura pliz chipaiwo vamwe mukana wekudya mari.. muri kuda kungodya mega.. hiii plizzzzzzzzzzzz taneta

  3. this is a lie guys be patient .

  4. waiting is a Zimbabwean trait and attribute!!! I am waiting for tsvangi to win and see Chihuri and lot saluting him, if he will not whether he resigns or continues I will personally procecute his case under the police act!!! chihuri wakaura!!!!

  5. Richard Wadyehwata

    Am at the command centre now and they have not yet released the results, but the rumour is that Mugabe has lost big time and they are in closed door meeting to ascertain the way forward.

  6. Tawnda Masango

    Guys stop killing us with all sorts lies, lets hold it a bit .However i am convinced the old man is out this time
    Tawanda G MASANGO Byo

  7. mutai magamba

    Those results are not true if they were correct i am sure ZANU PF would have never delayed the announcement as far as we know it. The old man has lost and they are scared right now. Ofcourse they are high chances that elections are going to be rigged. We Zimbabweans need assistance even from outside bcz within we are under a brutal regime which does not tolerate any form of challenge. You guys at SW we rely on you to give us the correct info but when you start these lies we will never trust you

  8. Merapelo Nkwe

    there is a reason for every action…
    right now zimbabweans are forgetting that they now have part of the land that they hadn’t had,,
    and they have the guts to calll Mugabe SHIT???
    is that how they say thank you mr mugabe,,
    well,, i wish that the opposition wins so that we see what it is that they are gonna do..
    are they goin to give back the land to the minority again or what???
    They should remember that Mugabe wanst getting this land for the current Zimbabweans,,
    he got it for the future Zim nations,,so that they don’t suffer due to actions of the older generations..

  9. Pepa!

    Sorry (Zim) Guys, I really do sympathise with you. The situation in your country is really sad, made sure it is so by the Westerners with the sanctions imposed on you.
    Maybe change is what you may think you need, but have you thought of the price you may have to pay to regain your economy (irrespective of who presides Zim). Maybe it would just have been best to stick together and show our western friends that while we apreciate our past relationship, We(Africans) will figure out our exit way, of course with the support of the like of us Bingus, Mbeki – Zumas, Seretse Khamas, Mwanawasas….etc…

    Just an opinion from Blantyre.
    Your friend from NJULI..

  10. Izaque Nhabiquo

    Marapelo Nkwe,we never asked for land and not the majority was given land. The majority is oppossition and the few with land dont have anything to do on it for the majority.

    Pepa! There arent any sanctions in Zim. Few people have been banned from excessive shopping abroad, and sending their children to European and American schools while lying that they are doing the country good. Thats not national sanctions. Individuals are trading freely to sustain Zim. The Zim economy is like a parked vehicle with good engine, good wheels and good brakes on.

    Only that money and food is sourced from outside. Remove Bob from driver’s seat and see how goot is! Its super even as we speak now!

  11. tmack

    Marapelo you are full of SHIt! you know nothing about what is happening in Zimbabwe but what you have heard in the media and so on. I am a Zimbabwean and think Mugabe is full of SHIT. If he really was out to make things good for us Zimbabweans he would have done that with no problem. Remember this is not  astupid man we are talking about. He is a very intelligent, well educated man that knows every move that he makes. So don’t come down on the Zimbabwean people like you have a clues what this shit is about!!! you know nothing you silly ignorant foreigner! Mugabe must go that’s the bottom line!

  12. HOWLES


  13. GARY


  14. Lacustas Nhema

    Mugabe is a vote rigging old fart!

  15. Phiri

    Viva Mugabe Viva.
    His popularity was underestimated and now his critics are begining to cry foul in the face of defeat.

  16. Izaque Nhabiquo

    What is it that was so special about Saddam that they saw it worthy to go into Iraq and physically fish him out? The whole world, able as they are, have, like Mbeki, failed Zimbabwe. Why didnt they urge Saddam to hold talks? Why didn’t they ask Saddam to form a government of national unity? Why didn’t they just leave Saddam alone? Why did not choose a democratic means for Iraquis to democratically choose a leader of their choice? Think.

  17. solkem

    pepa get your facts rights at least from pple in zim like myself. there are no sanctions in zim in fact we are surviving from imports and grants from mostly “our western enemies” like canada , us and australia. so sanctions are not the cause. the problem is mugabe and his zanu pf party crooks. zim has a wide and deep skills base capable of turning around the economy with the help of others of course if only mad men like mugabe can giuve us a chance.

  18. Pepa!

    I hear all of you guys. I sympathise and appreciate the situation – I have a slight idea of what you had to endure. In fact I can relate very well – After having gone through my own “KAMUZU BANDA” .
    My only hope and pray is that who ever rises to the chair must have the African diginity at heart.

    PLEASE GUYS, Do not forget “LANCASTER AGREEMENT” whatever, you believe in. Try and stand up.

    I hope I am making sense.

    from Blantyre -Njuli.

  19. Murambatsvina

    Mugabe is a piece of shit. Remember murambatsvina?? gukurahundi?? J. Tongogara?? the man is evil. He is not a bad man, he is evil. Chihuri na Chivenga you will salute the ‘western puppet’ kusvikira maoko azvimba. “Manyera pogona”
    mamamira pamunorara

  20. Murambatsvina

    This sounds more realistic, Tsvangirai, 49.8%, Mugabe 41%, Makoni 8.2% Towungana 1%. Mugabe wamama

  21. Izaque Nhabiquo

    Does anyone have a clue on the matter with the presidential results?

    If Mugabe won, ZTV and ZBC radio would have now long bored us with nauseating ZANU PF-Mugabe congratulations noise, complete with all the irrelevant and abused chimurenga stuff.

    Don’t you think Mugabe is lamenting having lost Jonathan Moyo? The Herald and all ZANU PF spokes people have failed to lie. ZANU PF campain adverts I have seen in The Herald are actually disgracing Mugabe for they are attributing to Tsvangirayi what everyone knows Mugabe has done. There is a loss of control over all media as all polling information has travelled the world.

    Phone networks seem tempered with as it is almost impossible to make calls.

    Mugabe has lost more than he did in 2002. I wish him a restful retirement.

  22. Robert Mugabe

    Muchamama mati madiiko. Ndichiri panyanga bigtime.

  23. Linda

    How can that be true go to http://www.zimelectionresults.com and see if that is true.
    God only knows. Rigging must be the cause for that percentage.

  24. Tombanner


  25. Izaque Nhabiquo

    Tombanner! You can not have all gifts in yourself at the same moment.

    First, learn that Zimbabwe is a country of accountants, engineers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, bankers, entreprenuerers, evangelists, pastors, apostles,communicators and all sorts of excellencies.

    We have a lot at stake if we start burning and destroying our wonderfully intact building called Zimbabwe.

    Do not be blinded by ill-advised newspeople.

    We build beautiful homes. we drive the latest cars. We make the finest clothes. We grow wonderful cattle and every other enviable thing.

    Just check on every person who fled Zimbabwe to neighbouring countries, that they long to go back to Zim because you can not be as peaceful around.

    Others with their British citizenships vow never to go anywhere , but are around, waiting for the dust to settle so they can come back.

    But unfortunately, such a people do not have the gift of destroying the intact infrastructure and industries that they have kept clean and safe from the mess prevailing.

    You will find it difficult to repair the damage of burning and plundering in the mordern world.

    This should be solved at leader level because a man on the street is just like vermin to such leaders.

  26. Hello.

    mtvU, MTV Networks’ college channel, developed the enclosed Public Service Announcement to help raise awareness of the crisis in Zimbabwe as the country approaches a run off vote on June 27th. We hope to mobilize our audience to take action by signing a petition urging leaders to use their power to help stop the violence in Zimbabwe and ensure a free and fair election. Please post the video within your blog to spread the word further and ensure a conversation is occurring around this important issue.


    Thank you.

    Please contact us with any questions, thoughts or comments you have on Democracy in Zimbabwe

    Noopur Agarwal / noopur.agarwal@mtvstaff.com
    Stephen Schutzman / Stephen.schutzman@mtvstaff.com


  27. Nkwe Merapelo

    Well, i guess if things were as the majority of you are saying,,Morgan T would hvae won by a landslide (clean sheet) but that wasn’t the case,,which the other half of zimbabwe does not share your views folks…its wise you start accepting facts for what they are and finding a solution to your problems.clearly you failed to give Morgan T the win he needed, so now whats next?
    Are you still going to be crying foul play?Get up and stand for your country not your individual desires,,this is not about you or morgan or mugabe,,,this is about survival of zimbabwe and its future hopes.
    Maybe things could get a bit clear if you could go through the ”LANCASTER AGREEMENT”
    I cannot help understand where this land issue is coming from, because it is certainly not new.It goes far back into the times of Margrt Thatcher.
    Get into information digging 1st then you will be enlightened, if not i am really sorry, there isnt gonna be any help to open you up..media has gotten the best out of most of you.why not learn by yourself instead of letting media do that for you???//

  28. concerned botswana newspaper


    The Press Council of Botswana (PCB) has disappointedly learnt that at its session on Wednesday, Botswana Parliament passed to committee stage the Media Practitioners Bill.

    Experience with the Botswana legislative system shows that Parliamentary process is, in the majority of instances, merely a rubber-stamping exercise. It would therefore come as no surprise to us that the bill would in fact pass into law. Within the internal ambit of this process, our hope lies with the President, who is empowered under the Constitution to assent or refuse to assent to a Bill passed by Parliament. Before he assents to a bill, it cannot pass into law.

    The President is obviously aware of the public outcry and objections to the bill in the form in which it has been presented to Parliament. He is, however, yet to pronounce his position on the intended law. We say this quite appreciative of the fact that it was his Executive that initiated the bill and that he must have instructed the Minister of Information, Science and Technology, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, to have it drafted and presented to Parliament in the form it is.

    Nevertheless, President Khama has in recent times broken ranks with his peers at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) on the question of Zimbabwe. By so doing, Khama has departed from the conventional position of collectivism and consensual decision-making – perhaps to assert his democratic credentials – and this has earned him domestic and international acclaim.

    The circumstances surrounding the Bill, its content, the mass opposition to it, it’s derogation from acceptable democratic and constitutional expectation, surely out to prod Khama to use his Executive prerogative to stop it in its tracks – if he is to further assert his democratic credentials.

    Although the President enjoys the Constitutional authority of assenting or declining his assent to a bill of Parliament, it would be foolhardy and he would be ill advised, to think that his powers, in this regard, are unfettered. Ours is a Constitutional Democracy and Khama’s exercise of discretion would be liable to be impugned should he elect to assent to a bill such as the Media Practitioners Bill, which is clearly inimical to sound democratic principles and fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution.

    Therefore, much as we continue to be expectant that the President would be stirred in the right direction by the democratic rationale, if such eludes him, the only recourse left for us and other defenders of democracy would be to approach the High Court. We may, in anticipation of this eventuality, provide a word of counsel to the Judiciary as well, by emphasising that, it is in trying times when there is a deliberate and systematic encroachment to liberties that the Court earn their mantle as the ultimate protectors of the individuals’ rights.

    Short of Presidential intervention, the Press Council of Botswana has therefore resolved to institute legal action against the Government with the view of assailing this offensive piece of legislation.

    We call upon all civil organisations, be they political or otherwise, within and outside the country, to lend their support by providing solidarity and assistance in any form, as we set out on this front to protect the democratic right of the media in Botswana.

    Pamela Dube-Kelepang

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