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By Lance Guma
30 March 2008

Denford Magora, the official spokesman for independent presidential candidate Simba Makoni, says preliminary results clearly show ‘Robert Mugabe is history.’ Speaking to Newsreel on Sunday Magora claimed Mugabe had come a distant third, with the real contest developing between Tsvangirai and Makoni.

Although Magora admitted the Tsvangirai MDC had claimed some major scalps in areas like [continue reading]

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The MDC claims 66% in the Presidential Election but these figures are not confirmed by the Zimbabwe Election Commission. We expect the official results by tomorrow.

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author/source:Observer (UK)
published:Sun 30-Mar-2008

Chris McGreal in Harare

Zimbabwe’s opposition party claimed an overwhelming victory against President Robert Mugabe in yesterday’s presidential election, saying that the flow of results showed its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, had ‘massacred’ the ruling Zanu PF party. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) defied a government ban on pre-empting the official announcement of the election results and released the count from polling stations that showed Tsvangirai beating the man who has ruled Zimbabwe for 28 years, even in the president’s home territory of Mashonaland. ‘We’ve won this election,’ said Tendai Biti, the MDC’s secretary-general. ‘The results coming in show that in our traditional strongholds we are massacring them. In Mugabe’s traditional strongholds they are doing very badly. There is no way Mugabe can claim victory unless it is through fraud. He has lost this election.’

The government’s electoral commission has yet to release the counts formally. But the MDC said that declarations posted at polling stations across Zimbabwe last night, and gathered from its agents observing the counts, showed Tsvangirai ahead of Mugabe in every province where results were [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa

Well what a night! The Elections closed more or less on schedule and counting got under way at polling stations about 20.00 hrs. The procedure followed is very cumbersome but results started to come in about 2 AM.
It now appears from the results recorded at polling stations that there has been a huge upset. It looks likely that Morgan might just get more than 50 per cent of the vote with Mugabe in second place and Makoni a distant third.
In my own constituency we saw the following unofficial results


Tsvangirai 58.45%
Mugabe 9.32%
Makoni 32.23%
Total votes cast 6897

Senate [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa

SWRA has received this information from an unknown source. We await the real results with interest, to see if they match.

Candidate Votes polled
MUGABE: 1,537,253
MAKONI 550,350
TOTAL 2,926,328

MUGABE WINS by 52,5 %

However the parliamentary elections because of limited time to rig: [continue reading]

edit [31.03.2008]
The article was published on Saturday on the SW Radio Africa homepage and I thing that these figures are the results the ZEC wanted to declare as the results of the election. ([ZimDaily]….resolved that declaring Mugabe an outright winner with the earlier planned  52 percent would torch protests, hence the new plan….source)

By now we all know that’s not true……

source: SW Radio Africa

29 March, 2008
by Eddie Cross

All polling stations have closed in Bulawayo – on time and to us it looks as if we will get about a 50 per cent turnout against the official voters roll.
As I have argued for some time, the official voters roll is grossly inflated and stands at 5,9 million voters. I think the actual number of voters is no more than 2,8 million – at the most 3 million. The estimates of the national population currently stand at about 9 million.

In my own constituency it look like we may [continue reading]

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Mar 29 2008 8:32AM
Associated Press
BROOKINGS, S.D. (AP) Botswana’s ambassador to the United States is scheduled to speak at South Dakota State University next week.

The ambassador’s visit to the Brookings campus is set for Thursday.

S-D-S-U took part in a [continue reading]