Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency revamps its mentoring programme

source: Mmegi


Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) has revamped its mentoring programme by adopting an assignment-based approach.

CEDA research and public relations office manager Oabile Regoeng said the move is part of a drive to improve services. He stated that with the new assignment based mentoring approach, CEDA identifies skills’ gap at the project appraisal stage with a view to helping the potential investor to refine and better develop their business ideas, plans and other matters deemed critical to set up a business.

The objective of the new approach is to enhance prospects of success. Regoeng indicated that CEDA has post-approval mentoring services. The mentoring system has two different programmes. One is concerned with implementation mentoring while the other is needs-based. Under implementation mentoring, a qualified mentor or consultant is appointed to assist the [continue reading]

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