Primary Dealers Urged To Embrace Capital Market

source: Mmegi


The Governor of Bank of Botswana, Linah Mohohlo, came out with guns blazing aimed at local primary dealers who do not participate in the development of the capital market.

“I am very disappointed that there are still primary dealers who do not participate in the primary capital market. This means that some of our counterparts are not delivering their bargain because as primary dealers, we have an obligation to develop a fully-fledged capital market,” says Mohohlo. She was speaking last week Tuesday at the BoB Auditorium during a ceremony marking the launch of government bonds issue. Government has issued up to P5 billion worth of bonds that will mature at different times. The issue of Treasury Bills and two new bonds comes after the maturity of BW002, issued in 2003.
“We should be seen to want to partake in anything that develops the capital market. There has to come a time that the [continue reading]

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