Zimbabwe: More rigging as ZANU-PF uses councillors as polling officers

source: SW Radio Africa

By Tererai Karimakwenda
21 March, 2008

Despite the announcement this week by the chairman of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), George Chiweshe, that teachers would not be used as polling officers during the elections, it has been discovered that several headmasters will be acting as polling officers in the Lowveld area. But that is because many of them are actually ZANU-PF councillors.

Chiredzi farmer and activist Gerry Whitehead has exposed the fact that at least three councillors are serving as presiding officers in the Chiredzi area. He said these ZANU-PF officials have all, in the past, received benefits from the ruling party, including farms and vehicles. They still have access to scarce fuel and food supplies from the government’s Grain Marketing Board.

Whitehead has provided the names of these presiding officers. In the Chiredzi South Constituency there is [continue reading]

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