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20 March, 2008

GABORONE – Some 57.9 per cent of loans acquired by Batswana in 2006 were used to finance education, funerals, travels, marriages and car purchases.

An economics lecturer at the University of Botswana, Dr Nathan Okurut, says this indicated a tendency to borrow for consumption rather than investment.

Dr Okurut warned at the annual National Credit Convention, this week that reckless borrowing could affect the economy by increasing poverty in a nation when potential savings such as pensions and gratuities were used to repay consumption loans.

He said poor credit management could also lead to the collapse of financial institutions and instability of the financial sector, hence the need for prudential regulation of financial institutions.

The convention was organised by Credmark Botswana, which provides innovative solutions in credit and risk management, as well as practical skills to improve cash flow and [continue reading]

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By Tererai Karimakwenda
21 March, 2008

Despite the announcement this week by the chairman of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), George Chiweshe, that teachers would not be used as polling officers during the elections, it has been discovered that several headmasters will be acting as polling officers in the Lowveld area. But that is because many of them are actually ZANU-PF councillors.

Chiredzi farmer and activist Gerry Whitehead has exposed the fact that at least three councillors are serving as presiding officers in the Chiredzi area. He said these ZANU-PF officials have all, in the past, received benefits from the ruling party, including farms and vehicles. They still have access to scarce fuel and food supplies from the government’s Grain Marketing Board.

Whitehead has provided the names of these presiding officers. In the Chiredzi South Constituency there is [continue reading]

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21/03/2008 10:01 – (SA)

Johannesburg – While power supply was expected to remain steady over the long weekend, there was still risk of deliberate power cuts, Eskom said on Friday.

Spokesperson Erica Johnson said in a statement: “We don’t expect any load shedding over the long weekend as demand patterns are historically lower during holidays.”

Yet the risk of power cuts on [continue reading]

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20 March, 2008

FRANCISTOWN – The expansion of Francistown Airport is expected to commence in May and be commissioned by July 2010.

The project aims at improvement of existing airport to facilitate operations of Boeing 737 or equivalent class aircraft.

The design works have already been completed by the consultants and tenders for various packages are in progress.

The Department of Town and Regional Planning, Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism and the Francistown City Council had already given clearance of the project.

The Director of RITES Afrika, Mr Sanjiv Bhushan, told BOPA that the proposed improvements include construction of new runway, which is 3000 metre long and 45 metre wide; a 120 metre long and 15 metre wide link taxi way; and a parking apron with 250 metre by 150 metre dimentions.

The length of the runway can be extended by 500 metres in future. The Department of Civil Aviation has appointed [continue reading]

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By Aeysha Kassiem

Dynamic economic benefits, a tourism boost and a significant increase in jobs from the Fifa World Cup 2010 may be a pipe dream.

That’s according to some international academics at a conference in Stellenbosch on Thursday on The Impact Of Mega Sports Events On Development Goals, hosted by the University of the Western Cape.

While experts remained “optimistic” about the country’s ability to benefit from the event, some said research had indicated that “hardly any World Cups and comparable events had positive impacts on tourism, employment and income”.

Others also indicated that there was the “danger” that the World Cup would be nothing more than “the circus coming to town” – with minimal economic benefits that could leave SA grappling to pick up the costs once the event was over.

There was also mention that SA should be wary of some of [continue reading]

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Southern African News Features (Harare)

21 March 2008
Posted to the web 21 March 2008

Bayano Valy

The main regional electoral observer mission deployed in Zimbabwe will not anticipate the outcome of the forthcoming 29 March harmonised elections, but will observe the process based on agreed regional guidelines.

“We’re here to observe and our conscience is to follow our code of conduct which will dictate our position at the end of the process,” the head of SEOM, Angolan Youth and Sports, José Marcos Barrica, told journalists, adding that initial reports from its observers in the provinces are encouraging.

He said the SADC Mission is not in Zimbabwe to take over the management of the elections.

“There are statutory institutions vested with those responsibilities. Our mandate is to observe the [continue reading]