African Diamond`s Botswana mine on track

source: MiningMX
Julie Bain
Posted: Thu, 20 Mar 2008

[] — AFRICAN Diamonds said the AK6 project in Botswana, part of a joint venture with De Beers, should be producing gem quality diamonds by the end of 2009.

The AIM listed company has a 29% stake in the joint venture with De Beers in Botswana which includes three projects at later stages of development, AK6, AK7 and AK9.

“When AK6 starts producing at the end of 2009 it will be one of only 12 operating hard rock diamond mines in the world, it’s a world class mine, with over 80% [of production expected to be] of gem stone quality,” said John Teeling chairman of African Diamonds.

He said the joint venture plans to be producing 1 million [continue reading]

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