Renew Omang 11 months in advance

source: BOPA
18 March, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Labour and home affairs ministry continues to encourage all Batswana whose Identity Cards (Omang) expire within 11 months to apply for renewals as a way to reduce late hour registration.

Answering a question in Parliament, the Assistant Minister of Labour and Home Affairs Mr Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri said the ministry has always known that a total of 400 000 National Registration cards will expire this year 2008.

He said with the general election scheduled for the year 2009, his ministry is now going to intensify the public campaigns for registration or renewal of expired identity cards.

Mr Matlhabaphiri said the intention is to avoid those who qualify to vote to fail to exercise their rights on the reasoning that opportunities were not availed for both renewals and registration of Omang.

To disseminate information, he said, requests would be made to share platforms at the Kgotla meetings with [continue reading]

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