Four ministries request supplementary funding

source: BOPA
18 March, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Parliament has been requested to approve P223 million as supplementary funding for four ministries.

The supplementary estimates to be included in the 2007/8 budget estimates include P95 million required by the Botswana Police Service for salaries, allowances, and payment of arrears for overtime allowance to police officers who were engaged in the Matsiloje/Matopi Foot and Mouth Disease eradication in 2002 as well as provision for Special Constables.

Ministry of Local Government requested for P113.5 million to cater for the six per cent salary adjustments effected in April 2007, increase in prices for destitute food baskets, increase in fuel price and provision for the purchase of bulk water supplies from the Department of Water Affairs to water to some villages in the North East District.

About P2.4 million was requested for the Department of Administration of Justice to meet additional costs arising from [continue reading]

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