`Make or break` elections for Zimbabwe

source: Mmegi

The forthcoming elections in Zimbabwe are very crucial to both the country and the region. Zimbabwean journalist, JERRY BUNGU believes that the election will be ‘a sham’.

South Africa, which has been tasked by SADC with mediating the political meltdown in that country between Zanu PF and MDC has not done anything to write home about. The situation is not helped by the stance that South Africa is taking, going to observe the Zimbabwe elections under the auspices of SADC and not as an independent observer as has been the case in the previous elections.

They are going there a week before the elections. Mbeki should complete his report to SADC by monitoring the elections as a mediator who has been working on the peace process since he was tasked a year or two ago. This will not happen.

Coming on board at the eleventh hour, Simbarashe Makoni was, until he was fired as finance minister, Mugabe’s “bell-boy” since the early 1980s.

He was relieved of his cabinet post and pushed to head the newly formed Southern African Development Community Conference (SADCC), transformed to SADC at the end of his term. Mugabe had a point to prove to [continue reading]

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