Africa: Africom vs. Peacekeeping

source: allAfrica
AfricaFocus (Washington, DC)

14 March 2008
Posted to the web 17 March 2008

Washington, DC

The Bush administration budget for fiscal year 2009 (Oct 2008 to Sep 2009), yet to be approved by Congress, allocated $1,300 million for bilateral military programs related to Africa, including $400 million for the new AFRICOM military command, covering all of Africa except Egypt.

In comparison, $1,497 million is proposed for the U.S. share of UN peacekeeping operations, leaving the U.S. $1,772 million in arrears on its UN peacekeeping obligations, in addition to some $700 million in arrears on the regular UN budget.

A coalition of U.S. NGOs is strongly opposing this acceleration of U.S. military involvement in Africa, with a campaign to Resist Africom ( But so far few Washington policymakers have challenged the administration’s presentation of the command as necessary for anti-terrorism and [continue reading]

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