Botswana steadly loses trainee-medics

source: AfricaScienceNews

Written by ASNS in Botswana
Saturday, 15 March 2008The government of Botswana this week reported that a number of students sponsored to study abroad never return.

The allegations come shortly after the first global healthcare forum held in Kampala Uganda over brain drain. Assistant Minister of Education, Mr Peter Siele told Parliament on Monday that of the 206 students sponsored to study medicine abroad since 1998, 26 have not returned home.

Mr Siele was responding to a question from Gaborone South MP, Mr Akanyang Magama, who asked the Minister of Education to state the number of Batswana who were sent abroad to study medicine but did not return to Botswana upon completion of their studies since 1998.

According to the WHO press release on the eve of the Kampala meeting, health workers shortage is recognized as a major obstacle to [continue reading]

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