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Written by ASNS in Botswana
Saturday, 15 March 2008The government of Botswana this week reported that a number of students sponsored to study abroad never return.

The allegations come shortly after the first global healthcare forum held in Kampala Uganda over brain drain. Assistant Minister of Education, Mr Peter Siele told Parliament on Monday that of the 206 students sponsored to study medicine abroad since 1998, 26 have not returned home.

Mr Siele was responding to a question from Gaborone South MP, Mr Akanyang Magama, who asked the Minister of Education to state the number of Batswana who were sent abroad to study medicine but did not return to Botswana upon completion of their studies since 1998.

According to the WHO press release on the eve of the Kampala meeting, health workers shortage is recognized as a major obstacle to [continue reading]

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author/source:Zim Online (SA)
published:Fri 14-Mar-2008

By Tafirei Shumba

“They took the numbers of our kombis and said they would ensure we did not pull down the posters”

Harare – Suspected ruling Zanu PF party youths are forcing public commuter bus operators to stick portraits of President Robert Mugabe on their vehicles, threatening unspecified but severe punishment to those who refuse to comply, Zim Online has learnt. On Tuesday, minibuses plying routes between Harare’s city centre and the suburban areas were suddenly seen driving around displaying colourful campaign posters emblazoned with the portrait of a stone-faced Mugabe waving his militant trademark fist. Harare is a stronghold of the opposition led by Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Initially it had appeared the commuter buses, sporting the presidential portraits, were merely isolated and restricted to a few eastern middle class suburban routes. But investigations by ZimOnline revealed on Wednesday the A3-size Mugabe posters were in fact appearing plastered on minibuses on nearly all city routes including the densely populated southern working class areas, where the veteran leader is loathed the most.

Zimbabweans go to the polls on Saturday 29 March in combined presidential, parliamentary and council elections in which the opposition has already [continue reading]

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March 15 2008 at 09:40AM

By Thabiso Thakali

Residential and commercial users of electricity who fail to reduce consumption will be hit hard by the looming power cuts.

Eskom is now looking to the commercial and residential sectors to reduce demand by 10 percent or bear the brunt of power disruptions. The utility has announced that it had moved into the power rationing phase from now until July.

“We have not received the 10 percent reduction from all customers,” said Eskom chief executive Jacob Maroga.

He appealed to all South Africans to work with Eskom to ensure that the 3 000MW demand reduction is achieved without scheduled load shedding.

President Thabo Mbeki also told a community development workers’ indaba in Midrand on Friday that South Africans were not saving enough power.

“They leave the lights on, and then there are the floodlit billboards advertising rum and things like that,” Mbeki said, adding that if people didn’t switch off their geysers soon, “we are going to have load shedding.”

Eskom will begin load shedding on March 31. The period that will be used to [continue reading]