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In a key briefing to Congress on 13 March, General William “Kip” Ward, head of the US Command for Africa, AFRICOM, devoted only 15 seconds of his four-and-a-half minute opening remarks to a possible humanitarian role.

Focusing instead on military training, security and counter-terrorism, his remarks came in sharp contrast to a year ago when officials announced that the command would concentrate on humanitarian assistance, alarming many aid agencies, which were concerned that US military involvement in humanitarian aid would undermine their neutrality.

Ward told the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee: “Our forces also support humanitarian efforts. US military programmes complement the US Agency for International Development [USAID].” US forces had also conducted de-mining activities and [continue reading]

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By Lance Guma
14 March 2008

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has more support than Robert Mugabe and Simba Makoni combined, according to a recent pre-election survey by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI). Tsvangirai was favoured 28,3 percent by respondents, compared to Mugabe’s 20,3 percent and Makoni’s 8,6 percent. The MPOI was set up in 1999 ‘to promote and strengthen democratic governance through research.’ It is run by respected political commentator and University of Zimbabwe lecturer Eldred Masunungure.

Masunungure said a lot of votes are still up for grabs since a number of respondents refused to disclose their choices. A general climate of fear cultivated by successive violent election campaigns has meant many people are reluctant to discuss the candidates they will vote for. About 23,5 percent of those surveyed said their vote was secret, 7,5 percent had nothing to say, 5,4 percent will not vote, 4,4 percent said they [continue reading]

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The University of Botswana (UB) Council has approved a proposal for the introduction of a geomatics programme effective August this year.

This discipline includes the tools and techniques used in land surveying, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS) and earth mapping. The course will be taught in the university’s faculty of engineering.

The UB council met last Friday and made decisions on a [continue reading]

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By Tererai Karimakwenda
March 14, 2008

Zimbabweans woke up Friday to find that prices for most basic goods and transport had more than doubled overnight. Our correspondent said drinkers were shocked to find that a quart of beer was now selling at Z$50 million, up from Z$20 million. Cascade orange drinks that were Z$7,5 million are now Z$25 million. Mealie meal ran out in the shops but can be found on the black market at Z$100 million for a 10 kg bag.

Even with the huge salary increases that civil servants and teachers received this week, it won’t be long before they are demanding more, again. Robert Mugabe awarded them a 750% pay raise, and said they should be happy with it.

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa said teachers from the [continue reading]