Lands ministry reviews policies

source: BOPA
11 March, 2008

PARLIAMENT – The Minister of Lands and Housing, Brig. Dikgakgamatso Seretse says his ministry continues to review major policies and related laws during the National Development Plan (NDP) 9.

He told Parliament when presenting the ministrys budget proposals of over P560 million and more than P280 million for recurrent and development budgets on Thursday that the Land Policy has been submitted to Cabinet.

Drafting instructions for the review of the Tribal Land Act, Town and Country Planning Act and Land Survey Act have been submitted to the Attorney Generals Chambers.

Also, he said drafting instructions for the Deeds Registry Act will soon be presented to the Attorney Generals Chambers, adding that reviews of the Acts regulations will be finalised after amendments to the main Acts.

Regarding the Self Help Housing Agency (SHAA), he said the Turnkey project failed to materialise as bids exceeded the budget. Therefore the sum of P5 million for the project was redirected to the loans.

Out of P38 000 000, P35 702 147 was disbursed to councils and benefited 1893 applicants.

He said the new installment purchase scheme by the Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) would be introduced in the near [continue reading]

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