Govt spends millions on conservation

source: BOPA
11 March, 2008

SANKOYO Government spends millions in nature conservation because it is profitable, says President Festus Mogae.

Speaking during his visit to Sankoyo village on Saturday, Mr Mogae said there was need for nature conservation in the sense that protected areas and animals would attract tourists into the country.

As such government has embarked on anti-poaching measures by putting Botswana Defence Force (BDF) personnel at all borderlines.

Mr Mogae told Sankoyo residents that animals, although destructive are important to Batswana, hence the need to look after animals and not kill them.

He said killing animals was detrimental to the countrys tourism because there was a likelihood of extinction.

Mr Mogae commended Sankoyo Tshawaragano Community Trust for the positive attitudes towards animals, saying community trusts were established ideally to [continue reading]

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