Zimbabwe: Chiwenga threatens coup if Mugabe loses election

source: SW Radio Africa

By Lance Guma
10 March 2008

Army commander General Constantine Chiwenga has said the army will not support an opposition led government, in the event of Robert Mugabe losing the March 29 election. Speaking to the Zimbabwe Standard newspaper Chiwenga said, ‘elections are coming and the army will not support or salute sell-outs and agents of the West before, during and after the presidential elections.’ The General argued that Mugabe had sacrificed a lot for the country and deserved support. When questioned about the role of the army in protecting a democracy Chiwenga burst out, ‘Are you mad? What is wrong with the army supporting the President against the election of sell-outs?’

Not to be outdone, a woman thought to be Chiwenga’s wife Jocelyn took the phone and snapped, ‘we can come and take you, and deal with you.’ Only last year Jocelyn sought to confront MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai during his tour of empty supermarkets and shops in Harare. The incident at Makro Supermarket ended in her assaulting photographer Tsvangirai Mukwazhi who was part of the press corps [continue reading]

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