International Gemological Institute Launches Polished Course


By Jeff Miller Posted: 03/10/08 12:32 [Submit Comment]

RAPAPORT… The International Gemological Institute (IGI) launched a polished diamond grading program in Gaborone, Botswana, and the first local representation of the course was held at Pluczenik Diamonds Botswana (PTY) Ltd. The 10-day IGI program catered to local students who represented a cross-section of all grading career levels.

Course topics included theoretical notions, evaluation of the 4Cs, clarity grading, color grading, use of microscope and loupe, proportions of the round brilliant cut, fancy cuts, diamond fashioning, the analysis of the polish and symmetry of round brilliants as well as identification of imitations, synthetic and treated diamonds.

“IGI executives are strong believers of supplier countries being able to [continue reading]

  1. salafinah

    would like to take a Diamond polishing course in Botswana, Can you send details on the course (enrolment forms, fees,training periods etc)

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