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Goya: A self-made man

source: Mmegi


PALAPYE: Love or hate him, Moiseraele Master Goya is a self-made politician who is aiming for the sky. To his hordes of supporters, he is a visionary leader. To his detractors, he is simply a political novice whose political hullaballoo will soon fade.

His name is on everybody’s lips now that the party has officially launched him after twice beating Health Minister Professor Sheila Tlou in the BDP primaries.

His father, Goya Charles Sekake or Rra-Moiseraele, is a subsistence farmer. His mother Kennetswe was a trader in the informal sector and sold fruits and vegetables on the streets to put bread on the family table.

Goya’s father, describes his son as an obedient child who has changed the fortunes of the family to what it is today. He was short of words to describe his son when he said: “He is everything to us.” After a pause Goya senior declares: “Ngwana yo o re bolokile (He has made us what we are).

Master, as Goya is popularly known, grew up in a [continue reading]


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RAPAPORT… The International Gemological Institute (IGI) launched a polished diamond grading program in Gaborone, Botswana, and the first local representation of the course was held at Pluczenik Diamonds Botswana (PTY) Ltd. The 10-day IGI program catered to local students who represented a cross-section of all grading career levels.

Course topics included theoretical notions, evaluation of the 4Cs, clarity grading, color grading, use of microscope and loupe, proportions of the round brilliant cut, fancy cuts, diamond fashioning, the analysis of the polish and symmetry of round brilliants as well as identification of imitations, synthetic and treated diamonds.

“IGI executives are strong believers of supplier countries being able to [continue reading]

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After holding a recent consultative workshop with security service companies for purposes of registering and grading them as required by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) Act, the process began on July 2, revealing problems in the public service regarding procurement and disposal of government projects.

In response, PPADB last week hosted a two-day educational workshop for Ministerial Tender Committees (MTC) and District Authority Tender Committees (DATC) at Boipuso Hall.

The workshop covered the legal framework of tenders and procurement planning, which dealt with project management approach to procurement, and procurement cycles, which includes the roles of districts, and shared responsibilities.

Standardised bidding packages, overviews and tender adjudication and award and processes and [continue reading]

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By Lance Guma
10 March 2008

Army commander General Constantine Chiwenga has said the army will not support an opposition led government, in the event of Robert Mugabe losing the March 29 election. Speaking to the Zimbabwe Standard newspaper Chiwenga said, ‘elections are coming and the army will not support or salute sell-outs and agents of the West before, during and after the presidential elections.’ The General argued that Mugabe had sacrificed a lot for the country and deserved support. When questioned about the role of the army in protecting a democracy Chiwenga burst out, ‘Are you mad? What is wrong with the army supporting the President against the election of sell-outs?’

Not to be outdone, a woman thought to be Chiwenga’s wife Jocelyn took the phone and snapped, ‘we can come and take you, and deal with you.’ Only last year Jocelyn sought to confront MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai during his tour of empty supermarkets and shops in Harare. The incident at Makro Supermarket ended in her assaulting photographer Tsvangirai Mukwazhi who was part of the press corps [continue reading]