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Firestone Diamond plc says its Tsabong kimberlite field in Botswana has the potential to be one of the biggest diamond finds in 25 years.

Author: Rodrick Mukumbira
Posted: Wednesday , 05 Mar 2008

WINDHOEK – AIM-quoted diamond mining and exploration company Firestone Diamonds plc [AIM:FDI] still has more kimberlites to sample at its Tsabong project in Botswana. But incoming results from the on-going core drilling exercise have drummed up certainty that the company is on the verge of a huge diamond discovery.

The UK-based company is upbeat about Tsabong and feels it has the potential to be one of the biggest diamond finds in 25 years. It notes the exceptionally large size of many of the field’s kimberlites, numbering 83 in total, in particular the 180-hectare MK1 pipe – which it says is one of the largest known diamondiferous kimberlites.

The field also contains five kimberlites larger than 50 hectares and 32 kimberlites between 20 and 50 hectares in size.

Firestone is carrying out two [continue reading]

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March 05 2008 at 08:45PM

Eskom denied on Wednesday that it was stopping new construction developments, but at the same time said it would take between four to six months to process the application of developments requiring more than 100 Kilo-Volt-Amps (KVA).

Earlier on Wednesday Beeld reported that all new construction projects countrywide that are bigger than a residential home would be blocked by Eskom for the next four to six months.

New townhouse complexes, petrol stations, factories and all other construction projects where electricity provision needed to be obtained from Eskom in advance would be delayed by up to six months.

New construction projects had to obtain electricity certificates before construction could begin.

Eskom said in a statement that all [continue reading]