Serowe: Sunflower project gets underway

source: BOPA
05 March, 2008

SEROWE – A Sunflower production project planned to take place in the vicinity of Serowe has secured 5 729 hectares of land from Mabeleapudi residents.

More than 150 residents heeded a call from the pioneer of the project in Botswana and Serowe North East MP Brigadier Ramadeluka Seretse who encouraged them to form clusters so as to benefit from the project.

The project, which is the brainchild of a South African-based Continental Agricultural and Industrial Development (CAID) company, has targeted Botswana as the centre for sunflower production in order to process bio-diesel and other sunflower products.

Ipelegeng Development Trusts technical advisor Mr Montshwari Mooketsi said in an interview that already 31 people had been employed for de-bushing the land to prepare it for the ploughing of the sunflower during the first rainy season. Our intention is that we should be able to start the actual ploughing in around September, he said.

He said although people were already hired their actual task would start in March 11 because they were [continue reading]

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