SA: Petrol pumps run dry

source: IOL
Andisiwe Makinana
March 04 2008 at 08:24PM

The last-minute scramble to fill up with petrol ahead of the drastic fuel price rise at midnight left some filling stations around Cape Town dry on Tuesday.

And garage owners battled to get fresh supplies, with Fuel Retailers Association chief executive Peter Morgan warning that petrol companies did not have the capacity to meet the soaring demand on time.

Petrol goes up by 61c a litre and diesel by 78c.

Long queues formed at filling stations from early on Tuesday morning, and continued through the day.

Some garage owners told the Cape Argus that they had run out of petrol on Monday night, with others reporting that their tanks had run dry on Tuesday morning.

Mohamed Parker, owner of Bo-Kaap Service Station Shell garage, said his pumps had [continue reading]

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