Protecting the Environment Through Responsible Tourism

source: allAfrica
Commonwealth News and Information Service (London)

3 March 2008
Posted to the web 3 March 2008

The long term prosperity of tourism is locked in to the survival and preservation of the environment – Commonwealth Consultative Group on Environment

Like many other Commonwealth countries, Botswana’s natural environment draws a significant number of tourists every year.

Whether exploring deserts and wetlands or travelling through national parks in search of lions, zebras and antelopes, the country’s wildlife and nature hold great appeal.

Since wildlife and nature are key attractions for tourists Botswana has consequently moved to promote and develop ‘ecotourism’ in order to protect and preserve its environment.

Demand for ecotourism – travel that conserves the [continue reading]

  1. jerry1mshocmx

    A degraded environment can derail development and at the same time development can degrade the environment if not monitored closely. All developers should pay attention to the environment in which they work in and every one can help in protecting and conserving the environment for the present and future generations.

    jerry1msho- zim

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