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Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Ponatshego ‘PHK’ Kedikilwe, was not only assured by Eskom that it will not switch off Botswana but the government has also assured him that South Africa is still with Botswana over the multi billion Pula Mmamabula Export Power project.

Kedikilwe told a BOCCIM Energy Pitso on Monday that despite fears that South Africa might abandon the Mmamabula Coal Fired Energy project, Botswana’s giant neighbour would not ditch it.

“They wanted the project ‘yesterday’ despite the Medupe project and Mpumalanga”, he assured the BOCCIM council. Mpumalanga is home to South Africa’s coal fired power stations contributing approximately 70 percent of the total electricity generated in South Africa by Eskom.

“They are not abandoning Mmamabula, but instead they want to agree tariffs as soon as possible with an [continue reading]

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By Tererai Karimakwenda
21 February, 2008

On Thursday a paper birthday cake for Robert Mugabe and his 84th birthday was displayed at a protest organised by the Zimbabwe Revolutionary Youth Movement (ZRYM) in South Africa. Group President Simon Mudekwa said about 200 Zimbabwean youths took part in the protest outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria.

The birthday cake had miniature figures of slain heroes Josiah Tongogara and Herbert Chitepo. Mudekwa said they did this because Mugabe has a legacy of killing people and they wanted to make a point about the slain heroes. A figure of the late ZANU-PF national commissar Border Gezi was also included on the cake. Mudekwa explained that the youth believe Gezi was also slain by Mugabe because of his popularity around the country.

The youth are calling for a diaspora vote and free and fair elections on March 29th. Mudekwa said they handed out T-shirts that said “The Party is over for Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF”, “Are You hungry enough?” and “Are you angry enough?”

The ZRYM President thanked the youth who participated in the demo for [continue reading]

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FRANCISTOWN: In what is viewed as a ‘snub’ of Moiseraele Master Goya’s weekend launch, President Festus Mogae and his deputy Ian Khama were not available for the Sunday event.

The absence of Mogae and Khama at the launch has raised speculation in the party that the top leaders are still ‘mourning’ Sheila Tlou’s loss. Tlou has always been viewed as a favourite candidate for both Mogae and Khama.

Mogae’s close relationship with Tlou started the time he wished Tlou could fill his boots in the Palapye constituency in 1998 when he becasme president.

But Tlou was unfortunately unavailable for political office because she wanted to attain professorship in nursing at [continue reading]

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February 21 2008 at 09:09AM

Two regional power utilities and a mining company are courting Zimbabwe’s Zesa Holdings for a possible take-over of operations of its small thermal power stations, the state-controlled Herald reported on Thursday.

Government sources told the newspaper that Eskom of South Africa through its investment vehicle Bay Harbour had proposed to refurbish the non-operational Bulawayo, Munyati and Harare thermal stations.

The thermal stations have not been operating for sometime now due to erratic coal supplies and equipment that has generally outlived its life-span, the newspaper said.

Separate bids have been lodged by three possible suitors.

Also, Botswana Power Company has proposed to revive Munyati and Bulawayo while Anglo Platinum is looking at bringing back Harare thermal station.

“Sources within government this week said Eskom would [continue reading]

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Francistown City’s dream of having a stadium came closer to reality this week.

The construction of the proposed P270 million facility is set to start after Tuwana Construction was awarded the P174 million construction tender by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) this week.

The awarding of the tender follows the recent announcement by the Department of Sports and Recreation that plans to embark on the project were at an advanced stage. The Department of Buildings and Engineering Services (DEBS), which develops and monitors government infrastructure developments, will [continue reading]


21 February 2008

State-owned oil company PetroSA has announced several infrastructure projects to improve and upgrade its facilities around the country, thereby improving South Africa’s fuel supply chain, and to provide the country with sufficient strategic fuel reserves.

The company, which operates of the world’s first and largest gas-to-liquid refinery at Mossel Bay, previously announced that preliminary studies have shown that the planned crude oil refinery at the Coega industrial development zone would be able to produce 250 000 barrels of fuel per day instead of the initial 200 000.

The Coega Development Corporation announced last week that the Petroleum, Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (PetroSA) had been granted preferred investor status for the land earmarked for the refinery.

“In addition to the planned crude oil refinery at Coega, Port Elizabeth, new facilities and upgrades will be [continue reading]

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February 21 2008 at 12:28PM

By Ella Smook

Consumers are likely to end up paying “a lot more” than the 2c levy per unit of electricity announced by Finance Minister Trevor Manuel in his Budget speech.

Manuel said on Wednesday that a new levy on the sale of electricity generated from non-renewable sources would be introduced this year, at a rate of 2c per kiloWatt hour, and would be collected at source from the electricity generator.

One kilowatt hour (kWh) is the equivalent of one unit of electricity bought.

But, Les Rencontre, city director of lighting, said electricity losses during the “transport” from the supplier to the distributor meant that the effective increase in charges per kWh would likely be higher.

“We always sell less than we buy, and we would have to [continue reading]