Unemployment needs attention

source: BOPA
11 February, 2008

PARLIAMENT – Kweneng South East MP Mmoloki Raletobana has called for aggression in tackling the problem of joblessness in the country.

He said the unemployment rate in Botswana warranted an assessment of challenges that make it difficult for the youth to take advantage of funds and grants meant for them.

Contributing to the debate on the 2008/09 budget on Thursday, Mr Raletobana said the rate of unemployment in both the formal and informal sectors still continues to be a concern.

Mr Raletobana called for the P2 million Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency ceiling to be increased, as the amount viable for most businesses.

He commended the National Development Bank (NDB) for its programmes that he said were beneficial to many Batswana and urged the government to take action against some technical officers, who recommend the completion of projects despite poor workmanships.

He cited the Serowe Sports Complex and the just opened Sekgoma Memorial Hospital, as undertakings where [continue reading]

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