Pre-paid meters `lose` units during blackout

source: IOL
February 03 2008 at 04:04PM

Cape Town residents claim they are losing prepaid electricity units in Eskom’s continued load-shedding.

Prepaid electricity users, using meters supplied by both the City of Cape and by Eskom, claim they have lost units because of the blackouts.

Dorothy Hartney of Retreat, who receives her electricity supply from the city, said her available electricity had decreased by 10 units during a power cut.

She said she happened to glance at her meter and saw she had 49.4 units left just before the power went out for two hours. When power was restored her meter indicated she had 39.4 units left.

“It makes me wonder how many times this has happened before. I think it’s quite ridiculous,” she said.

An Eskom customer living in West Beach said she had undergone the same problem.

“Before I went to sleep, I saw I needed to buy more [continue reading]

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