African leaders call for industrialisation strategy

source: BOPA
04 February, 2008

ADDIA ABABA – Some African leaders at the just ended AU Summit have called for the formulation of a comprehensive strategy to revitalize Africas industrialisation, which faces both regional and international challenges.

Deliberating on the theme, Industrial Development of Africa they said the challenges facing Africa are as a result of the rapidly changing world and the revolution of information technology.

They suggested that the industrial sector could rise through the integration of the sector and the enhancement of Africas products.

They argued that the African continent is rich in natural resources and wealth, but unfortunately Africa has only become the market for consumption of goods from industrialised countries.

Market economy, they said requires high quality education for countries to keep pace with the new technological developments.

African Union member states were also urged to scale up their efforts in order to address challenges facing Africas industrial sector.

Leaders said industrial development requires creation of a conducive environment through adequate and appropriate economic policies and the formulation of a plan of action.

To ensure the realization of Africas industrialization, they called for the establishment of a mechanism that would monitor the industrial sector and set up concrete steps as a priority to improve the network system and build up the infrastructure support.

They called for a political will and commitment in enhancing the [continue reading]

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