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source: Mmegi

Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings, having ruled Ghana as a champion of the aspirations of junior soldiers, and also as a civilian president, has grown to ponder the notion of a democracy that draws on the traditions of African governance.

Below, KOFI AKOSAH-SARPONG, explores Rawlings’ recent presentation in Nigeria and his search for a ‘democratic practice’ that integrates the values of western democracy with African custom. Botswana emerges as a significant marker on Rawlings’ yardstick of African democracy.

If anybody in Ghana or Africa should ponder deeply and critically on the direction or how to grow a more sustainable democracy in Africa that reflects Africa’s histories, experiences, cultural traditions and norms, that person, perhaps, should be former Ghanaian President, Flt. Lt. Jerry Rawlings.

At 32 years old, Rawlings was [continue reading]

source: Mmegi


Gaborone City Council (GCC) engineer, Komal Chandra Jain has set all alarms ringing with the announcement that ‘Gaborone roads have outlived their lifespan’ by professional engineering standards.

Some of the roads were built 15 to 30 years ago without adequate provision of storm water drainage, Jain pointed out, adding that they have not been refurbished to meet modern standards in line with modern traffic requirements.

He admitted that there were unnavigatable potholes and depressions all over Gaborone roads.

According to the city engineer “climatic conditions have now changed and these roads get badly affected due to flooding during the rains”, said Jain.

Within the city boundary, GCC has 500km of tarred roads, about 200km of gravel and 100km of earth roads. The western [continue reading]