SA, Moz to upgrade border post

Gcina Ntsaluba 18 January 2008

South Africa and Mozambique are to open a R600-million, 24-hour, one-stop border post by 2009 to handle the growing movement of people and goods between the two countries.

Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative CEO Barbara Mommen told BuaNews that the existing Lebombo/ Ressano Garica border post was not designed to handle the current load.

“The implementation of the 24-hour joint one-stop border post in 2009 will go a long way towards addressing both the infrastructure, processing and congestion constraints,” she said.

Over the recent festive season, there was a 25% increase in the number of passengers who crossed the border compared to December 2006. Altogether 580 116 passengers crossed the border in December 2007 compared to 465 600 people in December 2006.

The new one-stop border post will be built to ensure that there is enough space for the movement of both passengers and freight trucks.

Mommen said that currently, the processing of documentation in the two customs departments was also not consistent. “The speed of processing seems to depend on the capacity of staff on shift at [continue reading]

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