Kenyans, fearing new political violence, flee country`s west

source: International Herald Tribune

NAIROBI: Hundreds of Kenyans fearing new political violence fled the country’s west Wednesday, but the president urged refugees not to abandon their homes and insisted he would hold on to power despite allegations that he had stolen an election.

Diplomats worked to end a conflict that has killed more than 500 people since the Dec. 27 presidential vote. President Mwai Kibaki assured the visiting African Union chairman Wednesday that he was ready for dialogue, although he has resisted outside mediation and the opposition insists it will not negotiate without it.
Kibaki made his first trip to a trouble spot, addressing more than 1,000 refugees in western Kenya, many of whom had fled blazing homes and were pursued by rock-throwing mobs wielding machetes and bows and arrows.

“Do not be afraid,” Kibaki said at a school transformed into a camp for the displaced in the corn-farming community of Burnt Forest. “The government will protect you. Nobody is going to be chased from where they live. Those who have been[continue reading]

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