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source: International Herald Tribune

KISUMU, Kenya: Oginga Odinga Street, the main thoroughfare in town, is a testament to rage.

Dozens of stores have been looted, torched and smashed by rioters and then picked clean by an army of glue-sniffing street children searching for whatever was left. The scorched Ukwala supermarket looks as if a bomb blew up inside it. The gates of Zamana Electronic are mangled.

People here say this is just the beginning.

“We will never surrender!” yelled a man who attended a rally for opposition leaders on Saturday.
“We want guns, guns!” another man added.
While much of Kenya is trying to get back to normal after a week of post-election violence that has claimed more than 300 lives nationwide, Kisumu, Kenya’s third-largest city, is still [continue reading]

source: The Zimbabwe Independent

Paul Nyakazeya

ZIMBABWE could lose US$60 million that was supposed to be injected into a new diamond project if government’s proposed indigenisation regulations become law.

Rio Tinto which owns 56% of Rio Tinto Zimbabwe (RioZim) this week said it could be forced to review a planned diamond project if the indigenisation laws and fixed exchange rate persist.

Parliament recently passed the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Bill which is now awaiting President Robert Mugabe’s signature to become law. Parliament is also debating the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill which will specifically target foreign owned mines.

Rio Tinto also said it was increasingly becoming unviable for the company to embark on its plans to start a new diamond mine due to the fixed exchange rate. The official exchange [continue reading]

source: Pretoria News
4 January 2008, 11:08

Johannesburg – The Parks and Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe plans to produce biltong from elephant meat to sell in retail outlets throughout the country “as part of sustainable utilisation of the animals”, the Herald online said on Friday.

Parks director-general Dr Morris Mtsambiwa said the project began last year after the Ministry of Environment and Tourism permitted the authority to experiment with the “resource”.

“It is in our plans. We plan to start this year. We tried it last year and we found that we [continue reading]