Zimbabwe: Mugabe takes a break from building his great nation

source: ZimNews
author/source:Sundya Indepepdent (SA)
published:Sun 30-Dec-2007

“The Reserve Bank and the police are defeating the course of justice”
Harare – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has left for an unnamed eastern Asian country for his annual holiday as thousands of ordinary Zimbabweans queue to exchange their old banknotes before they became worthless. “President Mugabe and the First Lady have left for the Far East,” state radio reported yesterday. The state-owned Herald newspaper said: “President Mugabe has taken his annual leave, part of which he will spend in the Far East.” Mugabe, who is under European Union and United States travel sanctions, has in recent years holidayed in Malaysia.

Before that, he and his family took their yearly break in Europe and would usually make a stopover in London. Relations between Mugabe and his former western allies were strained when Zimbabwe launched controversial land reforms, seizing land from white farmers, ostensibly to allocate it to landless blacks. The antipathy was exacerbated when the EU and the US imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his [continue reading]

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