South Africa: Zuma Gets Madiba Thumbs-Up

source: allAfrica
Cape Argus (Cape Town)

22 December 2007
Posted to the web 22 December 2007

Angela Quintal
Cape Town

ANC president Jacob Zuma has received the official seal of approval from Nelson Mandela, who has praised him as a unifier, reconciler and a man committed to collective leadership.

He has also urged the divided ANC to rally behind Zuma.

Mandela, who chose to step down as party leader after one term in favour of Thabo Mbeki in 1997, said it was inevitable the results of the Polokwane elections would be interpreted by some “as an overwhelming victory for one camp or faction over another”.

In a message of congratulation to the ruling party’s new guard, he said: “Our experience of Comrade Zuma is of a person and leader who is inclusive in his approach, a unifier and one who values reconciliation and collective leadership.

“We have no doubt that [continue reading]

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