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21 December, 2007

MOLEPOLOLE – It is upon every Motswana to ensure that Vision 2016 becomes a reality, by acquainting themselves with its pillars.

Vision 2016 pillars were crafted such that it improves the social being of our nation, Assistant Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri, said in Molepolole on Wednesday.

He was speaking at a Christmas presents award ceremony to the sick in Goo-Molefhe kgotla in his Molepolole North Constituency. Molepolole Home Based Care in conjunction with Molepolole Council Clinic organised the activity.

Mr Matlhabaphiri said Vision 2016, was not for the government, but it was for Batswana and they should be chief players in making certain it becomes victorious.

He was happy to find people showing care and compassion particularly towards the sick, saying it demonstrated that the message was getting across the minds of many. He said it was through such philanthropic activities of helping others that could render Batswana a nation that is proud and united.

You are so extraordinary in the sense that you do not only look at the government for help, but you stood up yourself to help the government in its endeavour of improving the lives of Batswana, he said.

The minister advised residents to use [continue reading]

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Business Day (Johannesburg)

21 December 2007
Posted to the web 21 December 2007

Karima Brown, Amy Musgrave and Hajra Omarjee

At least eight cabinet ministers and deputies were axed from the African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee (NEC) last night, as supporters of ANC president Jacob Zuma put their stamp on the party following his dramatic election victory this week.

The ministers and deputies, all of them considered loyalists in the camp of Zuma’s election rival, President Thabo Mbeki, failed to win re-election to the ANC’s NEC.

Among those who won-relection were Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, whose office yesterday also denied that Manuel would quit public office. However, Public Enterprises Minister Alec Erwin lost his bid for re-election.

Among other high-profile losers were [continue reading]


21 December 2007

South African online retailers will have generated around R200-million this Christmas, with research conducted separately by technology research firm World Wide Worx and shopping search site Jump Shopping confirming this will be the country’s first “e-Christmas”, with people shopping online for gifts on a large scale.

“We expect the holiday season to contribute to at least 20% of the total R929-million expected to be spent online in 2007, with the proportion possible rising to as much as 25%” World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck said earlier this month on the firm’s website.

“While it is clear that books, DVDs, CDs and electronics like iPods and satellite navigation devices are hot online this month, it depends on the quality of online retail sites which stores and items benefit the most.”

In addition, World Wide Worx’s study of Internet shopping, Online Retail in South Africa 2007, also confirms that [continue reading]

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21 December, 2007

GABORONE – Couch potatoes will be spoilt for choice next year following the licensing of another satellite television station in the country.

The National Broadcasting Board (NBB) this week awarded Munhumutape African Broadcasting Corporation (MABC) a licence to operate a satellite television station, bringing the number of subscription television stations to three, as viewers have been able to choose between Multichoice and GTV.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, NBB chairperson, Dr Masego Mpotokwane, said the new pay TV will construct studios in Gaborone and broadcast to other parts of southern Africa and the continent from the country.

The station aims to broadcast tourism related stories and features.

Dr Mpotokwane welcomed the MABC investment, adding that small markets such as local market pose a challenge.

He said most television companies would rather set up their operations somewhere and feed the country with foreign-based products.

He said as the regulator of the industry, they have been given the mandate to create an attractive [continue reading]

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PALAPYE: The Palapye sub-district authorities have been caught with their pants down by the sorry state of the village’s bus rank following the recent heavy rains.

Visitors to the rank had to wade through mud and grime Monday afternoon, at times having to dodge muddy water from the wheels of arriving and departing buses.

The filth of the station belied the fact that Palapye is a place on the throes of a bye-election brought about by the resignation of maverick Member of Parliament, Boyce Lephimotswe Sebetlela.

As rains bore down on Palapye, Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) aspirants to the position were tiptoeing from house to house in anticipation of primary elections they are to hold tomorrow. The aspirants are Minister of Health, Sheila Tlou, Oganne Mogano and Moiseraela Goya.

The rank, opposite BP filling station at the famous [continue reading]

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) says they are on the threshold to becoming the largest network solution provider in Botswana with voice, data, and video offerings on a single platform combining fixed and mobile technologies.

In BTC’s annual report for 2007, Vincent Seretse says their Public Telecommunications Operator (PTO) Licence will enable BTC to provide virtually any type of telecommunications service.

“This will no doubt change the course of direction for BTC and will open a new horizon of opportunities,” Seretse says. BTC was awarded the PTO licence, which will enable them to enter the cellphone business industry to compete with already established operators Mascom and Orange, earlier this year. Seretse says in 2003, BTC set a vision of becoming the leading telecommunications service provider in Botswana. “We are now beginning to deliver [continue reading]

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December 20 2007 at 11:38PM

By James Macharia

South Africa’s power regulator approved a 14.2-percent tariff increase for state-owned utility Eskom’s 2008/09 financial year, turning down the power firm’s request for a 18.7 percent raise.

The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) granted the increase after weighing Eskom’s plans for expanding power supply and the likely impact of any increase on inflation and affordability for consumers, the authority said on Thursday. The regulator took note of concerns on the possible impact of the Eskom price increase on the economy, especially on the poor, but took the view that the long-run benefits to the economy far outweighed the short-term fears, it added.

“This means some trade-off is [continue reading]

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By Tererai Karimakwenda
20 December, 2007

In an effort to stem the shortage of hard local currency Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Gideon Gono announced on state radio and television on Wednesday that he was introducing higher denominations of banknotes with immediate effect. The new denominations are Z$250,000, Z$500,000 and Z$750,000. The Z$200,000 notes that were introduced last July become worthless on December 31st.
Gono blamed the cash shortages that have gripped the nation on corruption by senior government officials- specifically in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, industry, banking and politics.

He said: “Our economy has fallen prey to a high level of indiscipline and corruption prevalent in the economy as well as diminished economic patriotism on the part of most people holding positions of authority in our economy and society.”

Bulawayo based economist Eric Bloch described Gono’s effort as a “good move but not a solution.” He believes it might cure the immediate problem of [continue reading]

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published:Thu 20-Dec-2007

“The situation is worse because even more people have come out for cash today expecting new notes, while some shops are reluctant to take the Z$200,000 notes”
By Nelson Banya

Harare – Zimbabwe’s move to introduce higher denomination banknotes to end cash shortages fall short of solving the crisis, analysts said on Thursday, as consumers besieged banks ahead of the Christmas holidays. The southern African country is facing an acute economic crisis blamed on President Robert Mugabe’s policies, marked by the world’s highest inflation and shortages of fuel and food. Official inflation is nearly 8,000 percent, although independent economists say the figure could be double that. In a televised address on Wednesday, Zimbabwe’s central bank Governor Gideon Gono introduced higher value notes in Z$750,000 ($25 at the official exchange rate and $0.47 on the black market), Z$500,000 and Z$250,000 bills to help ease a cash crunch that has seen long queues at banks. Gono – who blames the shortage of banknotes on rampant black market trade – said the central bank would [continue reading]

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The distribution arm of diamond giant De Beers, the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), will start selling rough diamonds through its joint ventures in Botswana and Namibia, to customers in those countries, the company said on Monday.

Until now, the DTC sold all its rough diamonds through its London operations. De Beers said in an emailed statement that it would now have 79 clients, or ‘sightholders’, across the world, 75 of which would be supplied through the London and South African units of the DTC. The new contracts would run from March 31, 2008, to March 30, 2011. Of the 75 sightholders for the 2008-2011 contract period, six were new applicants qualifying for a DTC supply contract for the first time, De Beers said.

“We are successfully implementing a new [continue reading]

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20/12/2007 16:49 – (SA)

Polokwane – Newly-elected ANC leader Jacob Zuma pledged to work with his defeated rival President Thabo Mbeki on Thursday as he appealed for unity in the ruling party.

“There is likely to be anxiety regarding the existence of two presidents, one of state and the other of the party. There is no reason for uncertainty or fear in any quarter,” Zuma told delegates at the end of the party’s conference.

“Comrade Mbeki and I, both as [continue reading]