Zimbabwean protesters clash with Mugabe`s rented supporters in Lisbon

source: SW Radio Africa

By Tererai Karimakwenda
08 December, 2007

There was chaos in Lisbon on Saturday as a group of pro-Mugabe protestors went head to head with Zimbabwean activists from the UK who had travelled to the venue of the E.U./Africa Summit to protest Robert Mugabe’s presence there. Our reporter Lance Guma who was at the scene, said the small group of Mugabe supporters appeared to be ‘rented’ Black Americans and Portuguese youth. They held placards supporting Mugabe and this upset activists, who are mostly from the Zimbabwe Vigil – a group that has protested at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, every Saturday for 5 years.

Truckloads of riot police had to separate the two groups to avoid any physical confrontation. At the scene was Adella Chiminya, whose husband Tichaona Chiminya was a personal aide to MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and was brutally murdered by ZANU-PF thugs while campaigning in Buhera.
The emotional Mrs Chiminya said she was shocked to see people who were not Zimbabwean, holding pro-Mugabe posters. She lashed out at [continue reading]

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