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Business Daily (Nairobi)

2 December 2007
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Geoffrey Irungu

The World Bank plans to tap into diaspora remittances to fund its proposed $13 billion projects in Africa over the next three years through a structured fund that will support the continent’s development goals.

Diaspora remittances have become a key foreign exchange earner for Africa with about $5 billion released annually but the piecemeal nature in which they are doled out has limited their impact on the continent.

Kenya alone receives about a quarter of the funds entering the continent with money going to education and health needs of the senders relatives.

At a more sustainable level, however, the money has been sent to fund [continue reading]

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author/source:Sunday Tribune (SA)
published:Sun 2-Dec-2007

He hoped he would present a done deal in Lisbon to prevent Zimbabwe dominating the summit

President Thabo Mbeki will probably arrive at the EU/AU summit in Lisbon on Saturday without the trump card he so badly wanted – a concluded political deal between Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). His plea to President Robert Mugabe in Harare 10 days ago to speed up the negotiations so he could trump European criticism of Zimbabwe at the summit, apparently fell on deaf ears. One of the two top Zanu PF negotiators, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa, is on government business outside Zimbabwe. He will not be back to complete the last phase of negotiations. These are to hammer out transitional arrangements and create a conducive political climate for next year’s elections – before the Lisbon summit, African diplomatic sources say. Mbeki was mandated by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in March to mediate a political deal. He, the other SADC leaders and several European countries hoped he would present a done deal in Lisbon to prevent Zimbabwe dominating the summit.

The EU has waived its travel ban on Mugabe to [continue reading]