Wade, Mbeki head for clash over Zimbawe

source: The Financial Gazette
Rangarirai Mberi News Editor

SENEGALESE President Abdoulaye Wade is on a collision course with South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki after he proposed to lead a committee of five African leaders to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis and end the country’s row with Britain.

Wade has proposed that a group of African leaders mediate between Zimbabwe and Britain, and also between President Robert Mugabe and his internal opponents.
Although Wade said Mbeki would be part of this group, it is clear the South African leader would view such an arrangement as an attempt to diminish his influence in Zimbabwe.
“We should, at the level of heads of state, together with brother Mbeki, undertake mediation. I think that Zimbabwe should be treated as an African problem, to be solved by all African leaders,” Wade told reporters yesterday after meeting President Mugabe.
Asked whether his proposal does not usurp the Mbeki process, Wade retorted: “Thabo Mbeki does not have the sole right to meet with (President) Mugabe.
“Mbeki has done a lot, but the problem has not been solved”, he said.
Late yesterday, Wade met leaders of the [continue reading]

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