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published:Mon 19-Nov-2007

The Portuguese EU presidency declined to say what that message might be
Ingrid Melander

Brussels – European Union governments agreed on Monday to give a “clear and tough” message to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on human rights at a summit of EU and African leaders next month. The December 8 to 9 summit in Lisbon will be the first between the two continents in seven years. Previous efforts to meet have stumbled over whether Mugabe, whom the West accuses of widespread human rights violations, could be invited. EU president Portugal has said Mugabe will be invited this time – despite threats of a British boycott – and had been working on finding a way to alleviate the concerns of EU states opposed to inviting him. An EU official said Britain, Sweden and The Netherlands had insisted on “a real discussion on human rights and governance in Zimbabwe”. “We will organise a debate [at the summit] so that he can receive a clear and tough message,” the official said after foreign ministers discussed the summit on Monday. A spokesperson for the Portuguese EU presidency declined to say what that message might be.

Britain has for years led opposition to [continue reading]

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20/11/2007 14:31 – (SA)

Johannesburg – South Africa is ready for the 2010 World Cup, a research and survey body announced on Tuesday.

TNS Research Surveys conducted a study in May and June this year on 2 000 adults to determine what their views on the 2010 Soccer World Cup were.

The analysis was done in seven major metropolitan areas in the country -1 261 blacks, 384 whites, 240 coloureds and 115 Indians/Asians took part in the study.

TNS spokesperson Neil Higgs said 63% of South Africans showed optimism about “our readiness for the World Cup”.

This was an increase from August last year when only 59% of people thought that South Africa would be ready.

“There has been an increasingly positive trend over the past 21 months. In September 2005, only 40% felt we would be ready,” said Higgs.

The Gauteng province was the most optimistic – 67% of people believed that the [continue reading]

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November 20 2007 at 10:27AM

Strict visa requirements for Zimbabweans intending to travel to SA are set to be reviewed following talks between the two countries, Zimbabwe’s Herald online reported on Tuesday.

The talks were held under the Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security in SA last week, the report said.

“Three committees on Defence, State Security and Public Security from Zimbabwe held the talks with their South African counterparts.”

Principal Chief Immigration Officer Clemence Masango reportedly said Zimbabwe had made proposals for a review of some of the stringent visa requirements and SA agreed to look at them.

The issues to be reviewed include the letter of invitation, visa fees, proof of ability to sustain oneself while in South Africa and security deposit fees, the Herald said.

Masango has requested the total abolition of visas between the two countries.

“We called upon our [continue reading]

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The Managing Director of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) outfit the Oseg Group, Majakathatha Pheko, last Thursday warned Botswana businesses that if they do not move into the new economy of outsourcing in order to focus on core business, competitors will come and give them a hard time.

“If Botswana businesses do not move into the new economy, others will come and close your businesses,” the youthful CEO of the country’s most successful BPO company told a breakfast meeting with leaders of organisations at the GICC.

“In Botswana, we are still to get there,” Pheko said, giving the example of South Africa’s budget airline Kulula, which has outsourced most of its services, including bookings, in order to focus on its core business of providing cheap air travel.

Another example he gave was that of the famous [continue reading]

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By Tererai Karimakwenda
19 November, 2007

The role of South Africa as the regional appointed mediator on the Zimbabwe crisis has been questioned from the beginning, given President Mbeki’s refusal to even criticize the Mugabe regime and the harsh treatment of Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa.

Recent comments by South Africa’s Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota, have undermined the country’s mediation role even further, because they are reminiscent of language used by Robert Mugabe himself when defending his failure and brutal policies.

The Cape Times (SA) reported last Friday that Lekota said regime change was one of the “external threats” faced by countries in the region. Speaking at the opening of the ministerial session of the SA-Zimbabwe Joint Permanent Commission on defence and security, Lekota is quoted as saying Southern African countries face a “very real challenge” of regime change, encouraged by foreign powers.

Professor Mukonoweshuro, the Secretary for international affairs in the Tsvangirai MDC, described Lekota’s statement as [continue reading]

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19/11/2007 09:36 – (SA)

Johannesburg – It’s all systems go for the R4.3bn submarine telecommunications cable which will link southern and east Africa with India and Europe ahead of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Work on the 15 000km long fibre-optic cable begins this week.

Seacom will be the only cable constructed in time to give the 2010 hosts the international bandwidth capacity to successfully broadcast the World Cup.

The cable will have a design capacity of 1.28-terrabytes per second which is [continue reading]

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Students studying at the NIIT have been given an opportunity to own laptops, which they would return at the end of their studies or take home as a start to their careers.

Speaking to Monitor, NIIT general manager Ravi Srinivasan says the laptop scheme is meant to improve the quality of education at the institution that focuses more on Information Technology (IT). “We teach the students the bolts and nuts of IT hands-on and when we analysed the situation we realised that they only practise while at school and do not have the opportunity to do so at home and so we started this scheme,” Srinivasan said.

He said the students are not taught how to work on the programmes at the institution but how to create the programmes, even if they are all not going to be programmers.

“They will at least be able to analyse the programmes,” he said.

The scheme, that is open to the second year students would see them pay cautionary fees of P500 and P100 yearly towards the maintenance of the laptop, which will be [continue reading]

source: News24
19/11/2007 23:33 – (SA)
Nurene Jassiem, Die Burger

Addo – A rental car being driven by two “paparazzi” has proven to be no match for an enraged black rhinoceros.

Hans Reedjik and his wife, Jannie, of Hoeksche Waard in the Netherlands, were on a weekend game drive in their rental car in the Addo Elephant Park when they spotted the rhino.

But, said park spokesperson Megan Bradfield, when they stopped to take a photo, the rhino must have thought they were bothersome paparazzi, and charged.

“The rhino stomped on the bonnet and gored the windscreen a few centimetres from the woman,” said Bradfield.

Having greeted them in such dramatic fashion, the rhino then did an about-turn and disappeared into the bush, much as if it was all part of [continue reading]