SADC Tribunal to hear landmark Zimbabwe land case

source: ZimNews
author/source:Zim Online (SA)
published:Wed 14-Nov-2007

“Our laws now prevent us from even approaching a court if our property, at the stroke of a pen, is acquired”

By Own Correspondent

Johannebsurg – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Tribunal will next Tuesday hear a case in which a Zimbabwean farmer wants President Robert Mugabe to stop his policy of seizing white-owned properties. William Michael Campbell, 75, of Mount Carmel Farm is seeking an urgent interim interdict to stop Mugabe from interfering with his farming operations pending a full hearing on the legality of the government’s land seizures. The case, the first to be handled by the SADC Tribunal that was set up in 2000, could have far-reaching consequences for Mugabe who has over the past seven years seized white farmland for redistribution to landless blacks. The controversial farm seizures have resulted in the majority of the about 4 000 white farmers being forcibly ejected from their properties. Only about 400 farmers have retained their farms since the land reforms began in 2000.

The landmark case, described by lawyers as [continue reading]

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