A living profile of modern Palapye

source: Mmegi

PALAPYE: The village of Palapye has surpassed other villages with developments and modernity.

The village now qualifies it to be a town. It is not just a centre through which one accesses other areas but it also plays a pivotal role as a service centre for surrounding smaller villages, especially those in Tswapong.

Shops, commercial banks, government offices and transport to other areas in the country are found in Palapye.

This has turned the village into a hub for diverse tribes of different languages. Though it is historically Ngwato, the most popular languages are Kalanga and se-Tswapong with many cooked up stories showing how they reacted upon seeing a train or a burger for the very first time in Palapye.

It used to possess the old railway house structures and station that were visible on the left on the way to Boseja ward.

The train horns in the morning and evening, and the unusual sounds of locomotives ferrying goods to other areas used to be one of the interesting features for the newcomer to Palapye.

It was just a dream for everyone to see [continue reading]

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