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Poverty levels are expected to fall to an all time low of 23 percent by 2009 on the back of continued economic growth which has earned Botswana rave reviews as Africa’s leader in poverty reduction, President Festus Mogae said in Parliament.

In his State of the Nation address on Monday, Mogae stated that economic growth, which averaged nine percent during the country’s first four decades and now hovers around four percent, has pulled down poverty levels from as high as almost 60 percent two decades ago.

“Continued economic growth has contributed to a steady reduction in poverty from 59 percent in 1986 to 47 percent in 1994 to our latest figure of 30 percent,” President Mogae said.

“Our progress has earned us the accolade of [continue reading]

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07 November, 2007

PALAPYE – The Minister of Lands and Housing, Brig. Dikgakgamatso Seretse has urged residents of Palapye to take the responsibility of keeping their environment clean. He highlighted the importance of cleanliness during a clean-up campaign in the village over the weekend, saying a clean place was attractive and could lure investors.

Brig. Seretse, who is the MP for Serowe North East, urged the Serowe/Palapye Sub-District Council to inspect retailers, the village malls and the bus rank on a daily basis.

He said those who failed to keep their surroundings clean should be fined accordingly. The minister welcomed the sale of plastic bags saying it would have a positive impact on cleanliness. He said instead of people throwing away plastic bags indiscriminately, they would keep them for future use.

For his part, the MP for Palapye, Mr Boyce Sebetela, said the village and its population was [continue reading]

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November 07 2007 at 08:12PM

A Nationwide Boeing 737 carrying 106 passengers made an emergency landing at Cape Town International Airport on Wednesday afternoon after an engine fell off during takeoff.

Flight CE723, which had been bound for Johannesburg, touched down safely after airport fire and rescue services hurriedly cleared the debris from the runway.

The airline said in a terse statement that the two-engined plane left Cape Town on schedule at 3.50pm.

“At take-off it was reported that the right hand engine separated from the wing. The aircraft continued to climb out.

“The aircraft returned and landed at Cape Town International Airport without further incident.”

The airline said no passengers or crew were injured. The passengers were taken to a holding area where Nationwide representatives and trauma counsellors were on hand to lend assistance.

One of the passengers, Pretoria businesswoman [continue reading]

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PALAPYE: Palapye Senior Tribal Authority Raditanka Ntebele has fallen victim of the spate of stock theft that has engulfed the village.

Last year rustlers pounced at Raditanka’s cattle post in Setatse and made off with 13 head of cattle, leaving only two. In the previous incident thieves cleared his kraal again in Lechaneng cattle post where they snatched all the 87 beasts that he had. In June this year thieves again stole all his 15 sheep and five he-goats. “I am just left in a state of despair. It is also embarrassing for me because I have to handle stock theft cases brought before me by other victims.”

Raditanka is confused moreso that the second theft happened after he bought some livestock to re-stock. He reported the matter to Palapye Police who have not made any breakthroughs in their investigations.

He indicated that despite their efforts to control [continue reading]

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By Henry Makiwa
7 November 2007

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on Tuesday raised the cheque limit that can be accepted for clearing by 150 percent to a maximum Z$500 million in its latest bid to tackle the cash shortages.

The move is the latest in a series of measures by the Zimbabwean authorities to alleviate the cash crisis, which many blame on President Mugabe’s controversial policies.

In his latest attempt to curb the world’s highest inflation, Reserve Bank chief Gideon Gono announced the new measures which analysts and economists swiftly rubbished as cosmetic. The country has been experiencing a widespread cash shortage that the government has attempted to curtail by printing more bank notes to no avail.

Daily cash withdrawals have been limited to Z$20 million for individuals and Z$40 million for companies which, to many, is too little for business.
Proposals by Gono to introduce higher note denominations or introduce a new currency in the past months have been scrapped demonstrating the government’s indecision at addressing the crisis.

Economist Daniel Ndlela said the government had run out of ideas.

He said: “The new cheque limit will not change much because in [continue reading]

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Jo-Anne Smetherham
November 07 2007 at 03:59PM

The national health department is considering installing metal detectors at hospitals to protect patients and staff from attacks by criminals.

However, said department director-general Thami Mseleku, if detectors were installed South Africa would “really have to question what kind of society we have become”.

He was briefing the [continue reading]

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Mass production of the so-called $100 laptop has begun, five years after the concept was first proposed.

Computer manufacturer Quanta has started building the low-cost laptops at a factory in Changshu, China.

One Laptop per Child (OLPC), the group behind the project, said that children in developing countries would begin receiving machines this month

Last month, OLPC received its first official order for 100,000 machines from the government of Uruguay.

“Today represents an important milestone in the evolution of the One Laptop per Child project,” said Nicholas Negroponte, founder of OLPC.

The organisation had reached the [continue reading]


Homecoming Revolution is an online initiative that encourages – and assists – South Africans living abroad to return home. Why? “Because a bunch of us back home, who’ve returned after living overseas, know that this is the place to be”, says founder Angel Jones. “This is the land of opportunity.”

“Sure, it’s not perfect, but hey, don’t wait until it gets better, come home and make it better!”

Angel JonesJones, who lived in London for seven years before returning to take up a position as creative director of ad agency morrisjones&co, says Homecoming Revolution is “picking up on the trend of South Africans returning home, with the aim of turning the flow into a flood”.

While trying to recruit workers to the ad agency, Jones says she was shocked to find so many talented South Africans leaving for overseas, and came up with the initial idea of a promoting “homecoming revolution” to reverse the brain drain.

“This country is poised for an economic take-off and we need all hands on deck to [continue reading]