Siele applauds private sector

source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

PALAPYE – The Assistant Minister of Education, Mr Peter Siele says the government appreciates the private sectors incorporation of pre-school and pre-primary education in their programmes of study.

He said at the official opening of the Royal English Medium Primary School in Palapye on Saturday that his ministry was grateful for the role played by private schools in the realisation of Vision 2016s pillar of an educated and informed nation.

The school started operating in January 2004 and Mr Siele said the government recognised the private sector, as a partner in the provision of education.

Private schools do not only provide and increase opportunities for schooling but also provide parents with a choice in the education of their children, he said.

The Assistant Minister said the endeavour was consistent with the ideals and practices of democracy, as enshrined in the Constitution, adding that it was a commendable approach to achieving quality education.

He gave the school a pad on the back for the development of a reception class, which he said has partly addressed one of the concerns of [continue reading]

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