Botswana makes great strides in women empowerment

source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

PARLIAMENT – President Festus Mogae has expressed the confidence that Botswana is united in its desire to correct the gender imbalances of the past by achieving full equality for women.

Enumerating the achievements his administration has made towards the advancement of women in his last state of the nation address yesterday, he said Botswanas value system demanded gender equality.

And the march of social progress and development dictate, that we achieve gender equality in haste, the president said.

He assured the nation that the pursuit of gender equality would continue to receive priority as the policy of the ruling party and its administration.

President Mogae said his administration sought to strengthen the economic security of women in such areas as land, property, inheritance rights, employment and access to credit and markets.

Achievements in the included legislative and policy measures, the president said. He mentioned the [continue reading]

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