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source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

PALAPYE – The Assistant Minister of Education, Mr Peter Siele says the government appreciates the private sectors incorporation of pre-school and pre-primary education in their programmes of study.

He said at the official opening of the Royal English Medium Primary School in Palapye on Saturday that his ministry was grateful for the role played by private schools in the realisation of Vision 2016s pillar of an educated and informed nation.

The school started operating in January 2004 and Mr Siele said the government recognised the private sector, as a partner in the provision of education.

Private schools do not only provide and increase opportunities for schooling but also provide parents with a choice in the education of their children, he said.

The Assistant Minister said the endeavour was consistent with the ideals and practices of democracy, as enshrined in the Constitution, adding that it was a commendable approach to achieving quality education.

He gave the school a pad on the back for the development of a reception class, which he said has partly addressed one of the concerns of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

GABORONE – Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Honorable Baledzi Gaolathe has just arrived from meetings of the commonwealth Finance ministers in Georgetown, Guyana held under the theme Climate change- The Challenge for Finance Ministers.

According to a media release from the ministry the minister and his delegation used the opportunity to meet and discuss possible areas of cooperation with staff of World Bank Group and other international developmental partners.

The release says at these meetings, finance ministers were presented with a proposed framework with the aim of assisting them to incorporate issues of climate change into the overall budgeting and development agenda of their countries.

Other issues discussed, the release says include current world economic situation and prospects, review of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

PARLIAMENT – The indigenous media industry is in a far stronger position than it was 10 years ago, says President Festus Mogae.

Delivering his State-of-the-Nation Address on Monday, President Mogae said it was encouraging that he leaves behind an indigenous media industry that is in a far stronger position than I found it.

He said the number and circulations of private newspapers and magazines has more than doubled, and has included the emergence of new community oriented, as well as national, periodicals.

Whereas a decade ago there was no private daily newspaper, today there is. Where there was no mass circulation Sunday newspapers, today there are at least two. President Mogae also praised the electronic media which he said has experienced growth.

A decade ago there were no private radio stations, said President Mogae, but today there are three private radio stations. Moreover, he said the two public radio stations have extended their services.

Still on the electronic media, President Mogae said the country now has a television station which in the last decade was not there.

We also now have a licensed private television station, along with a [continue reading]

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06 November, 2007

PARLIAMENT – President Festus Mogae says the continued economic growth is expected to help reduce poverty levels to about 23 per cent by 2009.

He said in his State-of-the-Nation Address yesterday that Botswanas economic growth has contributed to a steady reduction in poverty levels from 59 per cent in 1986 to 47 per cent in 1994 and 30 per cent in 2004.

Our progress in this area has earned us the accolade of being this continents leader in poverty reduction. But clearly we still have some way to go.

President Mogae said in recent years his government has been able to control the rate of inflation, despite a sharp rise in the cost of such critical imports as petroleum.

This years inflation rate, which has been hovering at around seven per cent, is now at the upper end of the Bank of Botswanas target. Inflation is projected to further ease in the coming year.

He added that such progress as we have achieved can, in part, be attributed to our now widely recognised record of maintaining and enhancing a conducive environment for domestic and foreign investment, through our long standing commitment to [continue reading]

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06 November, 2007

PARLIAMENT – President Festus Mogae has expressed the confidence that Botswana is united in its desire to correct the gender imbalances of the past by achieving full equality for women.

Enumerating the achievements his administration has made towards the advancement of women in his last state of the nation address yesterday, he said Botswanas value system demanded gender equality.

And the march of social progress and development dictate, that we achieve gender equality in haste, the president said.

He assured the nation that the pursuit of gender equality would continue to receive priority as the policy of the ruling party and its administration.

President Mogae said his administration sought to strengthen the economic security of women in such areas as land, property, inheritance rights, employment and access to credit and markets.

Achievements in the included legislative and policy measures, the president said. He mentioned the [continue reading]

source: BOPA
06 November, 2007

GABORONE – Botswana market has the potential to habour anti-competitive practices such as abuse of market dominance, anti-competitive mergers, collusive arrangements and excessive pricing.

Speaking at a stakeholders workshop trade and industry permanent secretary, Ms Banny Molosiwa said the effects of these conducts in the economy can be so disruptive that it has made it difficult for governments to ignore them.

She told participants that government was enacting the competition law so as to be in a better position to address the problems.

The workshop is aimed at discussing the draft competition bill and to solicit input from stakeholders for finalisation of the bill.

Ms Molosiwa said enactment of the law was overdue and that the law would complement existing policies and legislation. Without competition law, governments efforts to liberalise the markets, deregulate and privatise some of the enterprises would be thwarted, she said.Therefore, she said competition law comes in as a means to ensure that [continue reading]

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published:Tue 6-Nov-2007

Zimbabwe’s supreme court has ruled the government can seize equipment belonging to white farmers whose properties were expropriated under controversial land reforms, state media said Tuesday. The Herald newspaper said the highest court of appeal on Monday upheld a law allowing the government to keep hold of all equipment and machinery belonging to white former commercial farmers whose farms were seized.

“I am satisfied that the compulsory acquisition in terms of the Act is for a purpose beneficial to the public generally or to a section of the public,” chief justice Godfrey Chidyausiku was quoted as saying. The judgment followed an appeal by a group of farmers challenging the constitutionality of the Acquisition of Farm Equipment or Material Act, which allows the government to “compulsorily acquire” any farming equipment and material left behind by white farmers.

The farmers also argued that [continue reading]

Mogae`s amen speech

source: Mmegi

President Festus Mogae gave parliament his recipe for a prosperous and vibrant future for Botswana in his opening of parliament speech yesterday. Mogae gave detailed attention to the battle against AIDs, which he has gallantly captained in his term of office. He promised a minimum wage and gave new recognition to the development of the arts. Mmegi staffer reports about Mogae’s impending handover to Ian Khama.

President Festus Mogae expressed confidence in his deputy, Lt. General Ian Khama who will take over in April next year.

He described Khama as a patriot who has always carried the mantle of leadership with distinction. He believes Khama can lead the nation with the support of all stakeholders.

“I do not take sole credit for the substantial achievements I have just outlined as [continue reading]

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The Voice (Francistown)

6 November 2007
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A state-of-the art milk collection centre will be built in Serowe at the cost of P8.2million.

The centre is meant to offer farmers in around Serowe a place to sell milk.

When briefing Serowe residents about the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that will soon be taking place in the area earmarked for the project, Mr Gomolemo Tobedza from Aqualogic Company said the facility would boost the local dairy industry as they would have a place where they could sell their milk.

He said when operational the centre which is expected to produce about 30 000 Litres of milk in a month would generate various opportunities for the residents.

“This project will offer employment creation, increased business for the informal sector and increased pressure in social amenities,” he said.

On the EIA, he said government policy states that for a project to be done, a survey must be done to assess the impacts that [continue reading]

source: SW Radio Africa
By Henry Makiwa
6 November 2007

Nigerian President, Umaru Yar’Adua on Sunday condemned Robert Mugabe for disregarding the rule of law. Speaking at the third Germany/European Partnership with Africa in Wiesbaden, Germany, Yar’Adua blasted Mugabe for his heavy-handed treatment of the opposition and critics.

Yar’Adua becomes the first African leader to openly criticise Mugabe in the lead up to the EU-AU Summit, which is scheduled for next month in Portugal.

The build-up to December’s summit in the Portuguese capital has been overshadowed by the row over the possible attendance of Mugabe, who is currently subject to a European Union travel ban.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe’s former colonial ruler Britain, has vowed to stay away from the summit if Mugabe attends the meeting.

Governments belonging to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional bloc, which is currently trying to mediate between Zimbabwe’s government and the opposition, ahead of elections next year, have also threatened to boycott the summit if Mugabe is not allowed to attend.

Yar’Adua appeared to distance himself from the SADC bloc in a move observers believe might influence other African leaders to [continue reading]

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Buoyed by its recent listing on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) in London, Diamonex led the pack of gainers on the local bourse last week, adding on a solid 12 percent week on week.

Although both the DCI and the FCI recorded minor losses in the week under review, some significant gains were registered in most mining counters which included a 5.04 percent gain in Discovery as well as a 1.68 percent increase in the share price of AF Diamonds.

All the top three gainers were powered by positive corporate developments. Diamonex began trading on the LSE last Monday and analysts believe that that the listing will improve share trading access for the firm’s international institutional investors.

Behind Discovery’s good performance in the week was the announcement of the drilling results at its Plutus prospect, which confirmed an expanded [continue reading]

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November 06 2007 at 07:24PM

It has a camera that can be raised more than 10 metres above the ground, it can record sound, shout at people up to three kilometres away, and act as a mobile operational room.

These were some of the features of a new high-tech “communication vehicle” that would become the latest weapon in the Gauteng police’s arsenal, said police spokesperson Superintendent Eugene Opperman on Tuesday.

The high-powered video camera would extend from the van’s roof and give police a bird’s-eye view of crime scenes, record vehicle licence plates or other happenings.

Video and audio material could then be sent in real time, or by e-mail to media or other police centres. This would enable police managers not on the scene to get first-hand information about happenings on the ground.

The public address and [continue reading]

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The Voice (Francistown)

6 November 2007
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Naledi Mokgwathi

Launched four weeks ago, GTV has finally opened its office in Molapo Crossing for trade. The pay to view television was opened on the 27th of October.

GTV will offer 12 different channels, among them G-Prime, where audiences will have a chance to experience the best movies, comedies, drama, quiz shows, music shows and many more.

It’ll also have two music channels, MTV BASE and KISS. GTV also offers God channel which will be available for the more spiritual among us.

Sports fans will not be disappointed, as there are three sports channels on offer. The other channels are BBC World, Sky News, MGM movie channel, TV5MONDE and Aljazeera, (an English language news channel based in Doha, Qatar).

GTV Commercial Director, Rhys Torrington told The Voice that they [continue reading]