Batswana need guidance to utilise programmes

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

MASUNGA-Government has instituted a number of schemes to help Batswana avoid poverty However, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Lt. Gen Mompati Merafhe said recently that people needed to be guided to utilise them.

He was giving a keynote address at a poverty alleviation workshop organised by the Tati East MP, Mr Samson Moyo at Tati Siding under the theme Lehuma lebolela la gago le kae.

He said a workshop of that kind stands out within government framework on programmes set out to free Batswana from the slavery of poverty and hunger.

Minister Merafhe commended the organiser for a positive decision and step he has taken to assist his constituents through consultative workshops that would help them to venture into businesses or projects that would relieve them of hunger and unemployment.

He noted that Batswana should not be left to starve, but be guided on how to fight poverty and utilize government programmes such as [continue reading]

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