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source: Reuters Africa
Thu 1 Nov 2007, 9:26 GMT
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Botswana credit demand growth quickened slightly to 23.1 percent in September from 22.9 percent in August, still well above the target range, the central bank said on Thursday.

Bank of Botswana Governor Linah Mohohlo warned after an interest rate cut in June that further easing was unlikely with credit growth strong and inflation still near the top end of its 4 to 7 percent band.

It said in a statement on Thursday credit growth to [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

MAUN – Stakeholders recently met in Maun to brainstorm on the development of a manual that would guide the ecotourism industry in Botswana.

The workshop organized by Botswana Tourism Board (BTB) was working towards a Botswana Ecotourism Best Practices Manual and Feasibility Study for the Setting up of an Ecotourism Certification and Accreditation System.Participants were urged to come up with ideas so that the outcome of the workshop could meaningfully guide the development of the manual.

BTB environment and safety officer Mr Tshenolo Mopako said the manual would become an essential tool that will guide the ecotourism industry in the whole country.

A lecture at the wildlife institution in Maun, Mr Rex Mokandla said there has been a general feeling that Botswana should identify potential tourism products away from wildlife and wilderness.

The manual, he said would be part of efforts to diversify the tourism products and encourage tourists to stay longer in the country. He said other tourism products are culture and heritage sites.

On other issues, he said there is concern that the environment within which tourism is [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

GWETA – Residents of Gweta, Nata and Dukwi have not been paying for water for over 10 years because they are not issued with water bills.

They told local government minister, Dr Margaret Nasha in kgotla meetings that no one takes their metre reading.

Occassionally, there are people who come from Tutume to record the reading but their numbers do not correspond with the actual metre reading.

The residents said they suspected that someone is sleeping on the job at the Tutume Sub District Council.

Gweta VDC chairman, Mr Grievance Mapini asked government to provide the local hospital with a standby generator.

Also, the junior secondary schools yard becomes flooded when it rains, which forces students to take off their shoes before entering classes.

Mr Mapini said drought relief projects have stalled for [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

GABORONE – Batswana have been advised to strive to start unique businesses as they have better chances of success.

Mr Oabile Regoeng, CEDA Communications and Public Relations Manager, warned in an interview that duplicating what others are doing leads to over trading. It is a problem (duplication). Batswana have a tendency of repeating cases, something which leads to over trading and saturation, Over trading, he said, causes the sales to go down, which results in some businesses being unable to pay their running costs.

He admitted that the problem is not easy to solve as any successful venture invites duplications.

This will continue until the market becomes too crowded to make the undertaking viable. Mr Regoeng advised Batswana to follow the vision 2016 pillar that calls for creativity and innovation. Someone who is practising this is Diphetogo Maswabi, 39.

When he finally made the decision to go the route of [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

FRANCISTOWN – President Festus Mogae is expected to bid the nation farewell in his last State of the Nation Address to Parliament on Monday.

Mr Mogae retires from office at the end of March 2008.

It is expected that his speech will focus on the achievements and challenges that were experienced during his tenure.

Privatisation, poverty reduction, HIV/AIDS and unemployment are also expected to feature in the speech.

Botswana Manual Workers Union (BMWU) president, Mr Johnson Motshwarakgole says he expects the speech to inform the public about the privatisation drive, especially that of Air Botswana, which was hotly debated in the last Parliament.

Mr Motshwarakgole says they believe that there should be a national forum where issues relating to privatisation can be discussed.

He said currently the government is excluding relevant stakeholders from the process.

The government should consult us because [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

MASUNGA-Government has instituted a number of schemes to help Batswana avoid poverty However, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Lt. Gen Mompati Merafhe said recently that people needed to be guided to utilise them.

He was giving a keynote address at a poverty alleviation workshop organised by the Tati East MP, Mr Samson Moyo at Tati Siding under the theme Lehuma lebolela la gago le kae.

He said a workshop of that kind stands out within government framework on programmes set out to free Batswana from the slavery of poverty and hunger.

Minister Merafhe commended the organiser for a positive decision and step he has taken to assist his constituents through consultative workshops that would help them to venture into businesses or projects that would relieve them of hunger and unemployment.

He noted that Batswana should not be left to starve, but be guided on how to fight poverty and utilize government programmes such as [continue reading]

source: BOPA
01 November, 2007

SEROWE – Itireleng means doing something to improve ones condition in life.

This is exactly what the 10 women who formed Itireleng Rehabilitation Project are doing.

They formed the laundry and dry cleaning project after they were weaned off from the destitute programme.

Chairperson of the project, Ms Kgoberego Ntalabgwe, 52, recalls that they did not complain when the council removed them from the list.

Instead they welcomed the councils offer to help them set-up the rehabilitation project. They clean everything, including clothes, blankets, carpets and couches.

Ms Ntalabgwe says the council donated two washing machines, while the Office of the Vice President added another.

It was not smooth-sailing when we started. We used our own [continue reading]

source: BBC News

Africa needs to embrace wireless broadband as a potential solution to the digital divide, the chairman of Intel Craig Barrett has said.

“It’s cheaper, easier and more efficient to communicate wirelessly,” he told the BBC News website.

Less than 1% of Africans have access to broadband and only 4% use the net.

The International Telecommunications Union has predicted that the Intel-backed Wimax system could become the dominant mobile standard in Africa.

The continent’s geography and political barriers have made it difficult to roll out wired broadband.

There is a shortage of fibre cable links between [continue reading]

source: Mmegi

FRANCISTOWN: Butcheries and grocery stores around Francistown are experiencing a serious shortage of chicken, causing prices to skyrocket.

The braaipack, popular for its affordability, has doubled in price, leaving many households often going without a good dinner. About two months ago, a two-kilogram bag of the braai-pack retailed for around P28; it now goes for a staggering P47 to P50.

A brief price survey for the 2kg chicken braaipack revealed that it retails for P43 at Score Supermarket, between P46 and P47 at Choppies (depending on the brand ), and P45 at most Spar stores.

Storeowners say they have no choice but to increase prices as suppliers also [continue reading]