National Museum to launch botanical garden

source: BOPA
25 October, 2007

GABORONE – The Botswana National Museum will official launch a National Botanical Garden, which is the first of its kind in Botswana on November 2.

Addressing a news conference at News Caf Head in National History Division at the Botswana National Museum, Mr Nonofo Mosesane said they were ready to introduce the garden, situated opposite Gaborone Club to the public and inform them about its services.

Botanical Gardens are institutions holding documented collections of living plants for purposes of scientific research, conservation, display, leisure and education, explained Mr Mosesane.

He said the main difference between Botanical Gardens and other gardens was that Botanical Gardens focused mainly on plants.

You may find some rocks and animals, but our emphasis is on the living plants, and we will provide background information on the plants we have in our garden, he said.

Mr Mosesane said although the garden had been around for [continue reading]

  1. Maduo Jim

    i want to know more about botanical gardens, can you pay a visit ad learn about conserved palnts?

  2. Maduo Jim

    can the garden be used for holding parties, weddings and other recerational activies. i am a member of a conservation club in GABORONE, so we itend to have a party at your garden.

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